Call of Duty Ghosts weapon camo for PC Black Ops 2

Call of Duty Ghosts may be on the way from Infinity Ward this year in November, but it looks like Treyarch will also be offering a slight teaser of the game, by including a Call of Duty Ghost weapon camo in Black Ops 2. We usually see each respective Call of Duty developer separate from one another wherever possible, but it looks like the two have joined together for good causes on this occasion.

If Call of Duty Ghosts is a day one purchase for you and you already have the PC version of Black Ops 2, it looks like a new weapon camo may be on the way soon. We’ve seen from Activision recently, that micro-transaction custom packs for Black Ops 2 are now in the open – offering gamers some new weapon skins, aiming reticles and calling cards for those looking to pay a little extra.

Now, it appears that the Call of Duty Ghosts weapon camo for Black Ops 2 is going to be available for anyone that pre-orders the upcoming game through GameStop. A poster obtained by MP1st suggests that the retailer may have an exclusive on the camo, as part of their PowerUp rewards system.

The camo itself looks very cool indeed and has already been spotted in-game after several players discovered the camo file name within the PC game folders. Treyarch themselves have confirmed on Twitter that the reward should be available on all platforms, so theoretically – Wii U players should be able to get the camo as well if they pre-order Call of Duty Ghosts.

At the moment, there’s no information on whether the Ghosts camo will be available as a separate purchase, or if it will remain strictly pre-orders only. Considering that the Nuketown zombies offer was made available to everyone else after a period of pre-order exclusivity, we expect the same thing to happen here.

For those playing the PC version, have you already seen people using the Ghost camo?



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