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Pokemon X and Y custom mode, new fighting type unveiled

It has been a long time coming, but at last we can bring you some official information on Pokemon X and Y at last. News on the game is due from Game Freak on May 19, but it looks like that information has now been revealed early thanks to Japanese magazine Coro Coro. Along with it, the unveiling of four brand new Pokemon X and Y creatures and the region that the game will take place in.

It looks like an initial teaser from game director Junichi Masuda that we told you about last week was true. The latest issue of popular magazine Coro Coro has revealed no fewer than four new Pokemon and will feature in X and Y. Without further ado, these are Yancham, Yayakoma, Elicitel and GoGoat.

Yancham has been described as a fighting-type with an ability called “Parting Remark”. Yayakoma meanwhile is a normal flying-type, Elicitel is an electric, normal-type and finally GoGoat is a grass-type Pokemon. GoGoat is going to be of particular interest to you, as players will be able to ride this Pokemon as they travel around the different areas.

As for the location, Pokemon X and Y is set to take place in the Karos region, with Miare City already unveiled as a main center for players – the Eiffel Tower-style structure that you would have seen before features in this city.

Also new in Pokemon X and Y is character customization. For the first time, the magazine has also revealed that players will be able to choose their skin tone, color of hair and decide if they want their trainer to be male or female. These are the only parameters that have been disclosed at the moment, but don’t be surprised if Game Freak unveil more for us soon.

So there we have it – four new Pokemon which you can see in the scan above, and brand new customizable trainers. Let us know your thoughts on the new information and what Pokemon out of the four above sounds the most interesting to you.



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