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iPhone 6: Plastic vs. highly recyclable aluminium

Today, we found a new iPhone 6 video uploaded to YouTube within the last 24 hours, which is of course made by a fan. The iPhone 6 concept video aims to show that you can still make a plastic version of the iPhone 6 that looks great.

Apple iPhone 6 in plastic vs. highly recyclable aluminium – it is interesting how many people get confused over the possibility of a budget iPhone and the materials that would be needed to create an iPhone 6, or 5S, at a cheaper price point.

It would be possible to use highly recyclable aluminium when creating a cheap new iPhone, which could also be very environmentally conscious. The popularity of Samsung’s Galaxy Note 3 and S3 show that plastic looks good, although this wouldn’t be for all iPhone users.


Take a look at the concept video above and let us know if you’d prefer an iPhone 6 in plastic or aluminium? It is worth noting that this concept is by Ran Avni.

If you missed our article over the weekend in regard to the love and hate for iPhone, then you can read it here and see a number of our readers leaving comments about the iPhone 5S, or 6, upgrade that they might miss if the design and features don’t change enough.



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