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Canon 5D Mark III firmware add-on alleviates 70D anticipation

For some videographers the Canon 5D Mark III is considered the best for the job, and if you thought the DSLR could not get any better, then guess again as there’s a new firmware add-on doing just that. Okay, this is not the news you want to be hearing, as so many of you are waiting for the release of the Canon 70D, but this does help to alleviate some of the anticipation.

The new Canon 5D Mark III firmware add-on is from the same people who gave us Magic Lantern, and you’ll now be able to shoot at 24 fps RAW video, and an increased resolution up to 1,920 x 820 pixels by using 1000x speed cards. You can see both examples of these in action with the two videos below.

Being able to capture RAW video at 24 fps not only helps to improve resolution but dynamic range as well, then there is the added benefit of greater flexibility in post-production. However, this firmware ad-on is a long way from perfect, as more work needs to be done before it is deployed fully.

While it’s nice to see further work going on to help improve the Canon 5D Mark III, let’s face it, what we really want to see is the Canon 7D Mark II. However, its release in 2013 is not looking so good, if we are to believe a recent report.

According to Canon Rumors the 7D Mark II is not going to be released until 2014 now. However, the Canon 70D release is due this year, although we still have no idea when this will be. As a way to make it up to you, Canon is also expected to release several new lenses this year, again we have no specific release date.



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