Call of Duty Ghosts: 6 playable characters, set ability theories

Another new Call of Duty game is upon us once again and on November 5 2013, Activision will unleash Call of Duty Ghosts on current-gen, next-gen and PC platforms. We have some new information on the game to share with you now, ahead of Microsoft’s new Xbox ‘Infinity’ event where we will see the first gameplay of the shooter in action.

We mention Infinity above, as that is the latest rumor regarding the name of Microsoft’s next-generation console. A logo was even attached to the name, so all eyes are on Microsoft’s event on May 21 when we will finally see the console unveiled for the very first time.

As for Call of Duty Ghosts, Activision are keeping their cards close to their chest, making fans wait until this event to reveal more on the game. We had the initial social teasers via their website, but now we have the unveiling of further Ghost characters and potentially – the ability to play as six or witness six different Ghost soldiers in the main single-player campaign.

A new poster of the game has been unveiled, revealing the faces of five other Ghosts, as well as the main character that we saw unveiled officially by Activision. These six faces could all be featuring in single-player mode, while they could even be player choices in multiplayer mode as well.

It would be a great shake-up, if Infinity Ward has built the game in a way where players are able to take the role of each Ghost, depending on what mission you are on and what situation you are facing on a particular level. For example, one Ghost could be a sniper expert, while another could be a close quarter combat specialist.

Or Activision could just be using different faces to market the game – but we hope that isn’t the case. It would also be pretty cool if there was a 12-man multiplayer mode as well – 6 Ghosts on each team, with each player controlling a separate one with a unique set of abilities to use and help out other Ghost members.

Have a look at the poster above courtesy of CharlieIntel and let us know your theories behind the characters. Would you like to see a multiple-switching ability in single-player mode?



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