Fallout 4: Time from announcement to release

By Daniel Chubb - May 12, 2013

Most gamers would be in their element this year thanks to some major changes in console hardware that will lead to more innovation for the console gamer, which the extra power is expected to deliver more in-depth gameplay and graphics. I’ve personally been waiting for this console leap since queuing up at the midnight launch for both PS3 and Xbox 360.

There’s no doubt we will see new games deliver a lot more on both the Next Xbox and PS4, which Sony already commented on the fact that they’re already working much closer with developers from the outset this generation. This is good news considering the early problems working with the PS3’s Cell processor.

Fallout 4: Time from announcement to release – Fallout 4 is one game that would be welcomed on next-gen and current consoles, although it recently met a leak revealing a miss at E3 2013. Bethesda Softworks would never want such information leaking so early in regard to their games at E3, so it didn’t surprised us to see the leak pulled pretty quickly.

We have seen mixed reactions from gamers following the possibility of no Fallout 4 announcement at E3. Some gamers said they’d be “really disappointed with Bethesda” if this happens, and others expect some Fallout 4 news at some point this year.

In our opinion, you will see an announcement for Fallout 4 after E3 at some point. This raises the question: how long will it be from Fallout 4’s announcement to the release date?


Some people think work is only just starting on Fallout 4 after development stopped on Skyrim, and some people even think that Elder Scrolls 6 could be the next game before Fallout 4. Skyrim’s announcement came around one year before the release date and development had been in progress for some time before this, so we wouldn’t expect much different with Fallout 4.

If you manage to see a Fallout 4 announcement after E3 2013, if the leak had been correct about an event no show, then we’re hoping to see a revealing in fall/winter with a launch date at the end of 2014.

When do you expect Fallout 4 to be announced and how long after would you expect to see the game release? You can join in a debate about who should develop Fallout 4 between Obsidian Entertainment and Bethesda Game Studios, which can be found via this article. We’d also love to know if you would prefer to purchase Fallout 4 on this generation or next-generation console hardware?

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  • JohnnyUtah

    I am a huge fan of the Fallout series I am delighted to know there will be a Fallout 4, I still feel Vegas missed out on replacing the Star Trek experience with a Fallout New Vegas Vault Tech experience so easy to market and big fan draw…

  • PipboyFanboy

    I hope it releases with the PS4. Would so take a week off work for that…

  • Usually bethesda releases its major game around November but if fallout 4 is next gen it won’t happen until a bit later. I reckon bethesda will change the release and release it as one of the first games on next gen. I mean who wouldn’t want to see that?

  • Wyatt

    I still think it will be revealed at E3 or before it, with a October 2014 release. Don’t know why all these sites are making a big deal of fallout 4 not being on that E3 list, Bethesda would never let that information be leaked.

  • i would buy fallout 4 on this generation consoles.

  • Bethesda splits teams up after a game launches, a team to work on patching and DLC for the launched game, and a team to start the first phase of the next game… At least that has been the trend since Morrowind. i.e. Morrowind -> Oblivion -> Fallout 3 -> Skyrim

    • shikamaru317

      Agreed. Todd Howard said in a 2010 interview that they had 2 games in the works, one was Skyrim, the other was said to be in preproduction and is presumably the game they are now working on. So there has been at least some work being done on their next game since 2010. Once Skyrim released, development would likely have increased while a smaller team worked on Skyrim DLC, and now the full team is working on their next game with the announcement about the end of DLC for Skyrim (the last DLC was completed in November, so the full team has likely been working on it since then, with only a few people working on Skyrim patches). That’s alot of combined development time. I won’t suprised at all if Fallout 4 is announced soon and released this Holiday season or early next year.

      • KillyTheBit

        I don’t think we’ll see Fallout this year. Bethesda offically announces a game about a year before they release it. That was the case with Skyrim which was annonced about in November or December 2010 while released in November 2011, and Fallout 3 which was announced to be in development in 2004 and began PR coverage in Feburary 2007, while beeing relesed in October 2008.
        I would assume that we can expect Fallout 4 to hit in Fall 2014. I still think it could go as a surprise announcement at E3 but would guess it will be announced at the end of the year.
        And I think it’s for the better as this will launch for next gen consoles and hopefully make very good use of their power.

        • shikamaru317

          I think they may break that cycle due to the next-gen consoles. If the game is ready to be released this year or early next year, which is entirely possible due to how long it’s been in development, and if it is a next-gen title, there would’ve been no way to announce Fallout 4 a year early without giving away the fact that the PS4 and Next Xbox were in development before Sony and Micorsoft were ready to unveil them. That’s why no games that aren’t also releasing on current-gen platforms were announced before the PS4’s unveiling. Bethesda was on the the list of developers making next-gen games that Sony released. So, why haven’t they announced it yet if the game is going to be released this year or early next year? I think it’s because Microsoft paid for timed DLC exclusivity, same as they did for Skyrim, in which case they’d likely show off Fallout 4 at their unveiling, just as Sony showed off Watch Dogs and Destiny at the PS4 unveiling, two games they have the DLC exclusivity rights to. Another interesting note is that Inon Zur, the composer of Fallout 3 and Fallout New Vegas, said at a panel at PAX in March, that his next game would be announced on May 15, that’s less than a week before the Next Xbox conference. I think they’ll announce Fallout 4 via a no-gameplay teaser on the 15th, show a gameplay trailer at the Next Xbox unveiling on the 21st, and show a gameplay demo at E3 in June.

        • AKman907

          well.. thats debatable, because i remember new vegas was announced just a few months before that nov(?) 11th release. now granted that was obsidian and not Beth.. its still the franchise

        • Guest

          New Vegas was actually announced about 8 and half months before it’s release. And though it was made by Obsidian, it was published by Bethesda, and I’m pretty sure that publishers usually call the shots on marketing. Oblivion was announced about 10 months before release. So, being announced later this month at the Next Xbox unveiling or at E3 next month and then releasing in November or Q1 next year is not too much of a stretch.