Love and hate for iPhone: 5S, 6 upgrade for loyalists

By Daniel Chubb - May 11, 2013

We have no doubt there is an army of Apple lovers that are committed to products from this massive technology brand, which each user has their own reasons for loving Apple. The iPhone 5S is expected this year, but could also be known as the iPhone 6 if Apple decides to make a major change with a release date in 2013.

While there’s a lot of love for Apple you don’t need to look far to see haters as well, which owners of smartphones on other platforms will be the first to complain about iOS 6 and the iPhone 5 for their own reasons. This could be the lack of innovative features or being late with technology, in their opinion, and also some Android users can’t understand why Apple has been so successful?


Love and hate for iPhone and iPhone 6 upgrade necessity for loyalists – Personally, I’ve owned every generation of iPhone but if we see a minor 5S upgrade, I might give that model a miss until a more radical iPhone 6 launches. The majority of iPhone owners we’ve spoken to never update each year and instead wait an extra year, which could be due to phone contract reasons or the lack of extra features in the next generation.

Today we found a video on YouTube that takes a look at the love and hate relationship for Apple. This video can be seen below this article, and while the video creator rambles a little and tackles problems with iPhone 5 in his own way, we have to say that this user raises an important point and he’s clearly had many generations of iPhone and multiple Android handsets.

The iPhone 5 and Android phone owner states a lot of reasons to dislike Apple’s latest iPhone 5, but when they raise the question: do I like the iPhone? He answered, “Love it”. What follows this is a number of reasons as to why he feels the iPhone is for him, even though the majority of this video is negative towards iPhone 5.

Android vs. iOS – in this particular case the user feels that they are committed to Apple after spending so much money on Apple apps, software and hardware over many years. We’d love to hear from our iOS and Android readers, do you feel that you are committed to Android or iOS after years of investment?

Leave a comment below with details on your current smartphone and the reasons you choose your current mobile OS? If you own the iPhone 5, will you upgrade to an iPhone 5S if the features lack a lot of change? What killers features would an iPhone 6 need, and would you be prepared to wait until a release date in 2014?

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  • JetJagger

    My GS3 just received an over-the-air update. I’m stoked by the “cool factor” my phone has now with Jelly Bean 4.1.2…ESPECIALLY when going head-to-head with iPhone owners. My 4.8″ screen, multi-window, DLNA, NFC, five sensors (Proximity, Barometer, Lights, Gyroscope, Magnetic), and a slew of other features and options will eat an iPhone phone’s lunch.

    Most people I know who have iPhones are teenage girls and their mothers….friends of my teenage daughter and my wife. My wife and daughter have an iPhone and iPads. They’ve all stated that the reason they like iPhone is because they are “trendy” and “no-brainers” to use. When iPhone users (women and teenage girls) see my upgraded GS3, they intimidated….as though they are looking at the dashboard of the space shuttle and being asked to drive. I could never own an iPhone if only for having realized that it is mostly females [who are intimidated by technology] that are using them.

    The bottom line is that neither phone is superior in the hands of the user. My wife and daughter would never use 3/4th of the features on my GS3, so regardless of the ability to customize it and its whirlwind array of features, it would simply be a “bigger and heavier phone” to them. What they WANT to use on a phone is already on their iPhones (text, calling, Facetime, streaming media, etc.). They don’t care about multi-window tasking, floating videos, tap-to-share, etc. They want to text, get on Facebook, and listen to tunes. Anything else is overkill, and thus, rendered useless.

    Though I personal don’t enjoy iOS because it feels like its lacking the little things that are important to me, I can see why so many other people use it. It is elegant and refined…sort of like a Stepford wife. I need a phone with boardroom attitude and mean roundhouse kick to help me tackle big-business tasks. So far, only Android Jelly Bean with a big screen delivers on what I need. I’m a POWER-USER, not a “power-texter” or “power-facebooker”. If my world was relegated to burying my face in ‘Words With Friends’ and texting, I’d use an iPhone. Fortunately, my world is much bigger than that.

  • NgTurbo


  • Wael K

    Having owned all the previous iPhone with a massive application library, doesn’t make me forced to stay with Apple. What really makes me stay is their superior OS and built quality. I did try the android using Samsung note2 and S4 (both are no match to my old iphone 3S!!). Now I’m testing the HTC one which looks much superior to Samsung but still lacks vital functions available only on iPhone.
    Will I move out of iPhone? Not in the coming decade.

  • cggr

    Having had generations of iPhones including iPhone 5 I went android with the htc one which is amazing. The iTunes apps remain there able to be used if a great iPhone 6 or 7 makes it worth doing so but the music is not an issue with spotify which allows import of my iTunes content and cloud streaming to any device including the htc. The other issue I have with the iPhone is the concept of built in obsolescence and battery. It’s just unacceptable. HTC is better but still built-in. Make it thicker. I don’t care. Just give me an iPhone that will actually last a few days. No regrets with my htc.

  • Neil Gillibrand

    I’m an android user and I dislike apple. However, having spent money on apps etc with Google I don’t think that would stop me switching. Should Apple suddenly decide to start offering innovative product, or Microsoft for that mater, I’d still think of switching. I’d contact app developers that support both devices and see if any would allow me to switch without repaying, but even if they said no I’d still switch.

    It’s more about the technology than it is the cost for me. I just can’t see anyone catching Android anytime soon.

  • To be honest, I jumped on the windows phone band wagon. But unfortunatelymy phone broke in the first week of having it and it just so happened that tmobile stopped carrying the phone I had (htc 8x). So I went back to android. I got the HTC one. I’ll tell you something. It’s a different type of Android experience(thanks to sense 5.0). But I find myself missing some features that windows 8 had. But I can’t say that I would ever want to go to ios. I feel it is too stale. I actually enjoy ios for the iPod touch. But I think the iPhone should be drastically different than the ipod touch. On the other hand, when you have an iPhone, you know everything is going to work the way it should. But with these new generation of android phones that just cane out. (htc 1, galaxy s4) apple needs to step it up.


    I’ve owned an iPhone in the past and didn’t like it because of it’s lack of customization options. I stuck with android and loved it. When I broke my s3, I needed a new phone and decided to try the iPhone 5. I was extremely disappointed to see that 3 years after owning my previous iPhone that little to nothing had changed. It’s ios is way outdated and screen is too small. Thank god for the 14 day return policy because I took it back and got the HTC one and I couldn’t be happier. I seriously for the life of me can’t understand how people stay loyal to iPhones. When it comes to doing my music or video editing, I love my iMac, and would never use a pc, but as far as phones go, I need way more options than iPhone has to offer. Something as simple as a BACK button!

  • johnny maverick

    I sell phones for a living never had an iphone. Will never have an iPhone. I think the iphone is great, but I don’t like Apple. I love Microsoft Windows Phone… Wish there where more apps, but don’t like Windows as a company either. I would happily recommend both phones to diffrent people but when they act like they do I just can’t. I like Google as a company and what they do. And I like the fact that the manufacturer’s are giving the consumers what they want even if it is still in beta mode for most of it. If they change then my opinions of then will to. That goes for Apple and Microsoft to.

  • adam

    I have been a Mac user for a long time but never owned an iPhone. When they first came out I had a blackberry and the iPhone couldn’t copy and paste text. I then moved to android for similar reasons and I could get a physical keyboard. I now have a Verizon galaxy nexus that had LTE before the iPhone. Probably the biggest reason I didn’t switch. Now with touch keyboards working well, LTE on both phones you just have to decide if you want a big phone or a little one. I guess if you are invested in apps it matters but I only have a few paid ones. Maybe next time around I’ll taste iOS.

  • Ali El-Masri

    I’ve had every generation of iPhone and I loved the product they put out. They’ve had a very solid phone for years but since the 4s they’ve no longer focused on innovation. I currently have the iPhone 5 on one of lines and I feel like I can’t get rid of it. My other line was due for an upgrade and I could’ve waited for the next iPhone but I wanted something different and more innovative. I bought my first Android, the HTC one and so far I’m not disappointed. Great phone and could compete with the iPhone.

  • Joshua Halverson

    Interesting article. Especially for me. I’ve been a Mac user since middle school. I’m 31 now. I’ve owned every iPhone since it’s creation through AT&T. My contract was just up and I decided to change go the HTC One. I decided to make the change because Apple has failed to really innovate as a company since Steve Jobs. I had to take a long look on what was important to me in my daily life and what I use. I realized that I was tired of feeling out of control because of Apple’s controlled setting. Yes it’s extremely simplistic but that’s not important to me. I like to manipulate and control things. I thought about waiting until WWDC to see if there would be big changes. However, I decided I didn’t want to wait for who knows how long after the conference for the actual release, just to pay another renewal fee for a new service that makes our lives easier. In walks HTC One. My life has been simplified. I’m able to control what I need and get done what I need to complete. I still love my MacBook Pro. However, in the land of smartphones I have to go with what’s working. At the moment, the iPhone needs a face lift. Not the actual style of the phone but the iOS. It is dated. Enough so that this Apple loyalist has finally jumped ship and am enjoying the freedom my new phone has brought to me.