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iPhone 6 inventory adds to 5S confusion

As WWDC 2013 draws ever closer it seems the rumors in regards to the next-gen iPhone intensifies, and the latest is proof of just that. Just a few days ago it was reported that the iPhone 5S would be the next iPhone. However, a few days later following what is said to be an inventory leak from Vodafone, it shows the iPhone 6 will be the next smartphone from Apple.

Personally, we cannot see this being the case, and still believe that the iPhone 5S will be released this year, although there are some of you who believe we will see both. The iPhone 5S could still be the follow up to the current model, whereas the iPhone 6 could be the newer, larger version?

Going back to the original story, if we are to believe the report from Stuff, then a 4G iPhone 6 was spotted on Vodafone’s inventory system. However, the details and photo have now been pulled, so we have to take this rumor for what it is.

We always have to be skeptical at such reports, but it certainly adds to the confusion, especially when Phones Review reported of an iPhone 5S accessory leak, although the screen protector would surely fit the current model as well?

Whether or not Apple will announce any details on their 2013 iPhone next month is anyone’s guess, but history dictates this will not be the case. Having said that, with news of the new iPhone displays hitting production next month and Apple changing their release cycle from time to time, well anything can happen.



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