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Surface Pro driver update fixes Adobe Photoshop problem

There have currently been 2 Microsoft Surface Pro updates; one fixed a few bugs, while the other solved the trackpad issues. However, neither of these updates was able to solve the problem with the Pen’s pressure sensitivity while running Adobe Photoshop.

Thankfully, there is a new Surface Pro driver update that fixes this Adobe Photoshop problem, although we have to inform you that it is a beta driver. This means that you will now be able to change the setting on your stylus, allowing you to have greater control of the pen as you use the Adobe application.

Having said that, Wacom also has an updated driver on their site, which also contains a fix for their Pen’s pressure sensitivity, so the Adobe Photoshop issue should now be a thing of the past. Although, we have yet to hear from anyone who has tried this new driver.

What makes this news even better is the fact that it is just in time for the UK release, which should be in a few weeks time, along with several other countries as well. As yet Microsoft has not commented, so some of you may not want to take the chance. Maybe you should wait to see if people experience any new Surface Pro issues after installing the driver, this way you will not run into any unforeseen issues?

Engadget has been in contact with Microsoft, and they said they would also be delivering a new Surface Pro update within days. If this does resolve the issue then we can see a small sales increase, as many potential buyers were holding off until the Adobe issue was resolved.



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