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HTC One and Galaxy S4 Facebook Home support differs

It was inevitable that the HTC One and the Samsung Galaxy S4 was going to be pitted against each other in several tests, such as which has the better performance, camera and battery. However, it seems the latter offers better support with one certain application, and that would be Facebook Home.

The reason for this is because the HTC One now comes with official Facebook Home support, whereas you have to take the risk to download FB Home for the S4. However, at least it’s nice to finally see the new user interface on both flagship handsets, even if you have to compromise with one of them.

Facebook Home has been available to download and install for a while now, and we have already heard reports that after installing the UI many of you had been uninstalling it shortly after, as they thought it was a pile of garbage.

Having already given it a try, I’d tend to agree because it just seems utterly pointless. It’s hard to understand whom Facebook Home appeals to, but from what some of our readers and friends have been saying, it’s not for a general users, so maybe just reporters and bloggers?

The uninstall rate does seem to be rather high, but were you one of them who felt Facebook Home was utter garbage? If you are still undecided but find that your handset is not supported, then you can still run FB Home on your handset via a sideload, but this does come with a warning, so you do so at your own risk.

Thanks to Android Central.



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