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Google’s Motorola X Phone cancellation fears unfounded

With the amount of hype surrounding the Motorola X Phone, we find it hard to believe that Google is abandoning the project and allowing the phone makers to get on with it themselves.

In a recent article there was a suggestion by a certain analyst (often not trusted) who suggested that Google is no longer interested in the X Phone project because they do not think the phone is radical and innovate enough. If this were the case then that would mean Google would rather back Nexus rather than the X Phone, which we find hard to believe.

There are numerous reasons why we would say this, and the biggest being the fact that Google has put a lot of money into Motorola, and so they want them to succeed in their next range of Android smartphones.

Going back to one of the reasons why the analyst believes Google has pulled out, the idea that the they are not happy with the progress in terms of its innovations, we really do find this hard to believe. We say this because there has been a lot of discussions on the Internet in regards to the Motorola X Phone specs and features, which shows that it would be a smartphone with some of the most impressive hardware we have seen in some time, although these are also just rumors.

Let’s say for one moment that it is true and Google were unhappy with the progress, would this be an admission that they would prefer to back Nexus instead, and if so does this mean those crazy rumors in regards to Nexus 5 specs could have some truth to them?



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