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Amazon 3D phone in 2013 with eye gestures rumored

If you are a fan of the Amazon Kindle and the company in general, we have one very exciting rumor for you to enjoy over the weekend. New rumors have resurfaced, claiming that Amazon is definitely preparing to release a smartphone with 3D capabilities. Even more interesting, the 3D is thought to work similar in a way which the glasses-free Nintendo 3DS functions as well.

While these kinds of rumors involving high profile devices are usually taken with a pinch of salt, you’ll want to know that the claims have surfaced from The Wall Street Journal – who are claiming it as a fact. According to their unnamed sources ‘familiar with the matter’, the device is going to be targeted at the high-end market and will even come with some innovative eye-gesture features.

These eye gestures could offer the user the option of navigating through smartphone menus, solely with the eyes and nothing else – amazing if true. While it is perhaps risky to be delving into the 3D space once again, we’re definitely excited to see a big name company give the tech one last shot.

Amazon themselves have refused to comment on the rumors, but don’t be surprised if we see a private event announcement in the coming weeks, as WSJ wouldn’t treat it as fact if they were not confident. While Samsung are concentrating on offering bigger and bigger displays with their ever-popular Galaxy Note range, would it be a bit of an industry shock if we see Amazon come out of nowhere with a glasses-free 3D phone?

If it has a similar price bracket to the Kindle tablet, then consumers will certainly take notice – even those who are yet to buy into the so-called 3D craze. It is early details yet, but give us your initial reaction to this, should it become a reality.

Would you buy a 3D phone from Amazon with eye gestures or not?



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