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PS Vita 2.12 update without new features again

We have news of another PS Vita firmware update to tell you about now, but unfortunately it is yet another of Sony’s updates that doesn’t appear to offer much in the way of new functionality. PS Vita update 2.12 is now available to download as an optional install, with Sony only improving system stability across some unnamed titles.

The most disappointing aspect of all of this, is the fact that it was only a few weeks ago when we last told you of the same thing happening again. PS Vita update 2.11 improved system stability as well, only Sony didn’t even mention this initially on their Blog or Twitter.

Instead it was left to an obscure post on the Sony forums by a moderator to let everyone know, which obviously wasn’t too impressive in the eyes of PS Vita owners who were expecting some new features. Then again, the 2.10 update before it added some nice new functionality such as Folders – so perhaps we shouldn’t get too greedy.

New game teases are coming at E3 2013 next month don’t forget, so let’s hope that a new proper firmware update for the PS Vita will come with it as well. Some new applications to download would be fantastic, some examples could include a Spotify app and perhaps even a Google Plus application as well since that service is starting to become very popular.

Going back to 2.12 though, this is another optional update so you don’t have to install it if you don’t want to. It does make you wonder though with the frequent amount of these stability updates, how actually ‘stable’ the system really is. Is it basically Sony’s way of saying they have found and fixed up another exploit that they needed to address asap?

If you are a PS Vita owner, let us know what new functionality you would like your handheld to receive before the end of 2013.



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