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Pokemon X and Y news teased by Game Freak

It looks like we could be weeks or hopefully days away from some official Pokemon X and Y news at last from Nintendo and Game Freak. While the starter evolution rumors have been keeping you very busy lately, Game Freak has revealed to a fan on Twitter, asking them to hold on just a little bit longer.

With E3 coming up in June, Nintendo’s booth on the stage floor would be the perfect setting for Game Freak to make an appearance and have Pokemon X and Y playable in some format for lucky attendees. The full game is finally getting a global release in October, so we should really be seeing a lot more of the game in action than what we have done so far.

Instead, we’ve had to put up with endless rumors for the game, although the last one was pretty promising we have to say with a lot of you on the fence as to whether it is true or not. Meanwhile, legendary Game Freak director Junichi Masuda has finally said something about the game.

When responding to Poke Jungle’s translator on Twitter, Masuda told him to ‘hold on just a little bit longer’, when asked if new information was coming soon. Of course, Masuda could have just chose to ignore the message, so it does provide a little hope that new information is coming soon on the highly anticipated 3DS game.

We really hope that it is gameplay as well. Everyone would agree that we’ve seen plenty of screenshots now, so it’s time to start showing off the city environments, Pokemon X and Y animations and so on. The message reply from Masuda is in Japanese of course, but you can read a direct translation courtesy of Poke Jungle here.

It’s not much to go on, but at least it’s something right folks? Let us know what you would like to see from the next official Pokemon reveal.



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