LG Optimus L9 Jelly Bean update suffers blow on T-Mobile

By Alan Ng - May 9, 2013

We have some disappointing news for those of you with an LG Optimus L9 handset on T-Mobile now. If you have been patiently waiting for an official Jelly Bean update, we’re here to tell you that T-Mobile are now going to make you wait just a little longer – after running into a few mysterious problems when preparing to rollout.

The mid range device was released towards the end of last year in the US, running Ice Cream Sandwich Android 4.0 out of the box. T-Mobile had already confirmed that a Jelly Bean update would be taking place, but now they have confirmed that the update is now officially ‘on pause’, until further notice.

The update was due to start rolling out on May 7, but the carrier has now said that they need further time to improve performance within Jelly Bean, also revealing that they do not know when the update will resume again. It means that for consumers unwilling to install custom software, they will be stuck on Ice Cream Sandwich until T-Mobile has solved the problems.

The only good news that we can see out of this, is that the update will be a much better one when it is finally available. It would have been a PR disaster for T-Mobile if they released a broken update after making consumers wait so long – so it’s understandable from that point of view.

Having said that, we’ve also heard whispers that some of you have managed to install this paused update regardless. If you have an LG Optimus L9 on T-Mobile and are already running official Jelly Bean, let us know if you are running into problems or not.

Are you ok to remain on Ice Cream Sandwich, or will you now think about installing some custom Android updates instead?

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  • Machine501

    My wife and I both have the LG Optimus L9 phones, my wife being first. She did get the update, and apparently hasn’t had any issues yet. I’m the one that’s going to have to wait and enjoy my “ice cream sandwich” until I finally get my jelly beans! Anybody have a clue how long this pause is going to take?

  • Desmond

    The update is HORRIBLE. The only good thing, Ive seen come out of this update is the new emoji viewing feature because Android didnt have that until now, also we have more fonts for the system, but other than that, everything else is just horrible. The battery drains quickly, the screenshots come out blurry on Instagram, the phone is always freezing and closing while I am using an app. Its just crazy…. please dont get this update. You will regret it every time you use your phone.

  • Kristina

    The update crashed my phone,i had to do a factory re set just to get the update, was ridiculous 🙁

  • Phillip Khuu

    I updated a week ago and it’s been a nightmare. Battery used to drain at 2.5% / hour now it’s 4.5% / hour. Proximity sensor no longer works. Phone calls often crash the phone. It may be a coincidence but 4g speeds are abysmal. Wifi, once solid, is completely unreliable now and is constantly searching. More crashes than I can think of vs ics.

  • Vince

    I have it on my lg optimus l9. It updated last week. Its better than the ice cream sandwich. The only problems I have is it drains my battery quicker and I cant figure out how to take a screen shot.

    • antonio rodriguez

      I have updated my LG Optimus l9 to jelly bean, and about the battery issue, try a full factory reset it worked with my phone. I think the qslide feature is cool. I can browse and watch a video at the same time, or text and browse.