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Possibly BlackBerry R10 battery life problems avoided

Having already established that the BlackBerry R10 will be more of a budget version of the Q10 in terms of specs, we were a little concerned with the BlackBerry R10 battery, as it was thought to be the smaller capacity 1,800mAh.

However, it seems as though the obvious BlackBerry R10 battery life problems may have been avoided, if we are to believe the latest rumor. Okay, so we know that the R10 is a smaller BB10 handset, but 1,800mAh seems too small, which is why the rumors of the 2,180mAh battery makes far more sense.

If this latest rumor is correct, then the person who had their hands on the BlackBerry R10 in the first place has managed to open the rear of the handset up, and in the process gave us a greater insight into the larger battery.

Okay, so 2,180mAh is still not a large capacity, not when you consider some of the latest handsets on the market, but 380mAh more is better than a kick in the teeth. We cannot be certain how much more life this will give you, we won’t know this until we have seen some BlackBerry R10 battery performance tests, but as always the results will depend on what sort of user you are.

Whatever way you look at it, this is good news if you were considering the R10 over the Q10, as it appears they will share the same battery at least. We have no idea on the BlackBerry R10 release date, or even the R10 price, but as always we will keep you fully informed.



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