New GTA V eye candy reveals blimp

By Alan Ng - May 8, 2013

Rockstar has once again teased Grand Theft Auto 5, by offering fans another collection of new screenshots for the game as everyone patiently waits for the first actual gameplay footage of GTA V. Upon examination though, we’ve spotted that one of the images in question shows the inclusion of a blimp.

This got us thinking on the possibility of players being able to steal a blimp from the airfield and take a ride for yourself to really enjoy the full beauty of Los Santos in the best way possible. You can see a picture of the blimp below, as taken from one of the new screenshots that Rockstar has posted to their newswire.

Also take note that it isn’t a police blimp, but rather one that features the word ‘Atomic’. Are Atomic just one of the game’s many brands that will feature in the main campaign? If so, it adds even more strength to the likelihood of being able to use the blimp yourself, either during a specific mission or just as you are playing freestyle around the map.


It would certainly beat a helicopter view of the city in our opinion – what do you think? It may seem a long shot right now, but it would be amazing if Rockstar confirmed this closer to release. Even better, how about police blimps as well that track you in sky when you reach maximum wanted level, on top of police choppers?

Take a look at the new vehicle-inspired screenshots over at Rockstar’s site, then tell us if you would like to see blimps in the game that you could take a ride in. Make it happen Rockstar.

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  • It’d be cool to be able to fly the blimp yourself. But fuuuuck the cops using one haha. They’d always know where you were