LG Optimus G Pro vs. Galaxy Note 3, fairer than Note 2 comparison

By Peter Chubb - May 8, 2013

The LG Optimus G Pro is obviously going to be compared to the Samsung Galaxy Note 2, because both are Phablets, but is it really fair when you consider the former is more than 7 months newer than the latter? With this in mind wouldn’t a LG Optimus G Pro vs. Galaxy Note 3 be fairer.

You may think I was mad, but the Note 3 will be released a little later this year and will have specs more like that of the Optimus G Pro, if only we knew what those specs were. Having said that, we do expect the Note 3 to offer even more than the G Pro, because Samsung will want to outdo their main competitor.

This will be the biggest issue with the LG Optimus G Pro, because while it is a true contender to the Note 2, many of you will wait to see what Samsung has to offer later this year. Having said that, 4 months is a long time to wait, if they stick with the same release window as the current Note that is.

With that in mind, there has been yet another LG Optimus G Pro vs. Note 2 comparison, where they have a drop-down menu of device specifications and information for each handset just to see what each has to offer. Either device will deliver just what you are looking for in a Phablet, but Android Community believes that Samsung could be the better choice for the long term, as they will offer faster and longer Android support in the coming years.

Which of the two will you choose, the LG Optimus G Pro or the Galaxy Note 2, or will you hold out for the Note 3?

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  • Doogiedog

    For someone that wants or needs a stylus and the productivity it brings and the user experience, the Note line has no competitors… it’s that simple.

  • appleWaybehind

    The stylus is the reason I would be interested in this form factor. The stylus adds tons of functionality, and makes the tablet portion of the experience (productivity) far better. For this reason, I would choose the Note 2 over the LG Opro every time…. and every note in the future over the sylus-free-LG… every every every time.

  • Note Lover

    I have the Note 2 and can’t wait for the Note 3. I agree with Franke, once that Note 3 is released, no one will be able to touch it!

  • I choose the G Pro over the Note 2 but the Note 3 will take it all so looking forward for LG to trump the Note 3 sometime after it’s release. As of now seeing some of the rumored specs coming out of Samsung nothing will be even close to touching the Note 3.

    • After the note 3 LG have something coming more powerful and better

      • Dorkus

        Yeah…and sell it around the same price and make no money. Good one there.

        • trob6969

          …as long as Samsung sticks to the ‘cartoonish’ AMOLED displays, LG will get my money over Samsung every time…considering all other features being comparable.