Forge of Empires review: free until frustration sets in

By Daniel Chubb - May 8, 2013

Over the years I’ve put in thousands of hours playing strategy games, from some of the latest attempts to classics like Red Alert and Age of Empires. After seeing Forge of Empires advertised during the new Da Vinci TV Series, I thought this new online strategy game would be worth a quick review for our readers. That hands-on time was meant to last around an hour, but has since turned into over 10 hours playing thanks to what has been an addictive game in the early stages.

Forge of Empires has everything you would want from a game although it is run directly from the browser with no need to install a game, which will impress those that rarely play online strategy games on PC or Mac.

Get ahead by following the tasks set for at least the first hour – The game is designed to teach you how to play from the moment you start with a system that rewards you for taking small steps with set tasks, although you can go your own way but you’ll soon learn you missed out on some extra bonuses that could have been yours if you undertook set tasks. If you want to progress up the ranks fast then we recommend you perform the tasks offered for the first hour at least.


The image above shows one such task and details what is required, the reward you will get for performing the task and an option to skip. It is worth noting you don’t have to do all of the tasks and some could lose you more than you gain, especially if the reward is hidden.


Forge of Empires menus – There is so much you can do via the menus in Forge of Empires and this quick review won’t cover anywhere near as much as you can do, but in the photo above you can get a quick look at the building menu and other tabs that deliver more options. These tabs include Product Buildings, Goods Buildings, Cultural Buildings, Decorations, Military Buildings, Roads and Expansion.

We understood after around 3 hours of playing that you need to get the balance right when building different things, if you build too many homes then your people are unhappy and need different decorations to make them happy like trees, flowers and other special decorations that cost diamonds.

It is a good idea to always have more happiness for your people and then their happiness will be enthusiastic once it’s at 120% of the goal, which then delivers a lot more productivity.

If you build too much then you can run out of land to build and this means a need for expansion, which can get complicated involving costly research of new technologies. The key tip here is balance of what you spend, what you build and the resources gained from those buildings.


Forge of Empires crates on buildings – In this screenshot above you can see a number of crates above buildings, which are now ready for collection. When you click these they reward you with something, which in most cases is coins and supplies in the early stages of gameplay.

When you first start building it is good to remember balance again and building too many huts right away could be a bad thing, which is thanks to huts delivering a lot less coin from citizens although in a faster time (all resources take a different a mount of time to arrive).

After progressing further it is good to have better homes like a Villa in the Iron Age, which delivers +120 coins every hour when your citizens are enthusiastic. This beats collecting +7 coins every few minutes when the homes are just huts, so don’t build too many in the early stage of gameplay or you will waste much needed land that you might need later.

When you logout of the game it will still carry on while you’re away, although you will only gain the coins and supplies when in a game and clicking to collect them. If you are away for a while make sure you research supplies for a longer amount of time, so you can collect bigger when you come back.


Forge of Empires is free until frustration sets in – this quick review will be followed up with more articles delivering news on updates to Forge of Empires, and also information from future reviews after we give the game more hands-on time. The screenshot above shows you how much it costs to purchase diamonds in Forge of Empires, something we wish there had been a cheat for to get free diamonds, which is impossible considering this is how the game creators make their money.

Diamonds help you do things a lot quicker in Forge of Empires and while you can earn some diamonds for free, the majority cost you real money although this is how the game makes money considering it is free to get started. The game developers created a system that is geared around diamonds and you are enticed to purchase them in almost all areas of the game, from researching new technologies to fighting an army in battle. You are given the option to spend diamonds everywhere and if you don’t have them, the game will gladly take your pounds, dollars or what ever currency you choose.

This is a smart move by the games creators and we have purchased 2,000 diamonds on two occasions, which equaled about the cost of a boxed game you’d normally purchase. This cost came from a game that we thought had been free at the start, if you’re like us and get frustrated by waiting a long time to research or gain something then you could finding yourself parting with real cash to speed up the process.

Have you played Forge of Empires yet? This is only a quick review of the online game and we will follow up with more insight in the coming days and weeks. We very much doubt there’s any Forge of Empires cheats, but some tips can help you progress faster so feel free to share yours in the comments. You can also see the game trailer below.

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  • Clete

    I will share my experience with Forge of Empires. I have played for a little less than a year and finally reached the Progressive Era about a month ago. I then stalled. I had problems completing the research tree, problems wining sectors and provinces and problems acquiring expansions. I had an inventory of building, but no place to put them. I came to the realization that the game was not free, in order to advance you had to purchase diamonds. I refused to consider this as a possibility because I do not want my credit card information out on a game site. When contacting their “support”, I found that they were less than helpful. In fact I came to the conclusion that they are, without a doubt, the least helpful support group I have ever contacted.

  • Brian Novotny

    Biggest con, all they want you to do is spend money and that is when you can, otherwise most of the time it just crashes the browser because they don’t know how to code, just draw pretty pictures

  • J A Shepherd

    I love this game. I’m in the Late Middle Ages, with nearly a dozen great buildings. You can play this game without spending but you have to be patient. *When you start the game, look at the rankings pages and send only friend requests to players who have at least a million points. Their pub will have top of the line tablecloths (red) which could give you an extra forge point daily. I get at least six extra forge [points daily just visiting their pubs. *As soon as you have finished the research to enable you to join a guild, look for a good one. The higher the rating of the guild, the more forge points you will get daily from your city hall. Guilds offer benefits like faster training time for troops, forge point trades on great buildings, and fast goods trades for your tech tree. *When you’re building your pub, be sure to put on a tablecloth. Upgrade your coin tray first, and your table to get more seats. Build it up as fast as you can, while visiting and polishing/motivating daily. *Keep your city happiness up to enthusiastic. As you progress, don’t waste time on flowers and bushes. Get the most bang for your buck when building for happiness. *Tiny decorations get motivated and polished first, so don’t waste time having them. It’s better to have your houses make more money, and your production and goods buildings produce more through motivation from other players’ visits. *Think ahead as you play. *Fighting is fun and guild expedition is great fun. More points in the expedition means more power for your guild. The computer will kill one of your troops at a time, starting with the weakest, and then go to the next one. Pay attention to which opponent will give you bonuses when killed; these are the best units to use for those opponents. Heavy units get bonuses for killing light units. Fast units get bonuses for killing ranged units. Ranged units get bonuses for killing heavy units. You will win more battles and score more points this way. Never use auto play for battles. It’s so much more fun to strategize through it. Have fun!

  • Debra Tramantano

    A total grind and waste of time. And, watch out, big brother is watching over you….don’t let friends help out with your great buildings or they will ban you. And prepare to spend, spend, spend if you want to get ahead. Not at all recommended

  • Kimberly Schultze

    They rip the consumer off. I bought diamonds and played for a little over a week (Elvenar), I liked it too…until they started by not giving me my free builder when I purchased 1100 diamonds. Then I noticed the trader (where you trade supplies) wasn’t trading correctly and taking goods. Then I noticed that my supplies were not being added into my total. Then one of my spell casting charms only lasted 2 hours instead of 12 hours. Then I bought more diamonds and purchased a population boost for 330 diamonds (expensive, right?) Well no boost and no diamond refund. There support team practically called me a liar….screw them people! Consumer rip off is what they are and the players dont even realize that they are not getting all of their rewards, supplies or goods. We cant even do anything cuz they are out of country. Bad business people…stay away from these games….trust me….it WILL BITE THEM IN THE ASS….THEY THINK WE ARE STUPID…..

  • grm780

    this game is definitely a scam you can get diamonds from inviting your friends and after you invite your friends they wont give you the diamonds.

  • Tonton beber

    I was enjoying this game for about 6 month until recent changes that completely ruin it … I won’t extend to pay-to-win features, which are common to every games in this category, but the recent addition on friend tavern, and a modification of points spending in the construction of great buildings, which is now in test, make this game a click-to-win. The only skill you need to play (other than credit card), is to be able to click tens of time a second …

    • Gimchess Liu

      Well, the tavern now has a indicator when it is full/you cant visit (new update, just a few days ago)
      makes in much faster to run through friends list

  • Doureo

    I played it for some time and found it to not be fun at all.

  • Abhijeet Roy

    I am enjoying this game. As the review says key is maintaining balance. And you don really need to be desperate for diamonds. If you can produce the right goods and trade smart many of the research items can be obtained and stages unlocked. This has been my experience and I am on the verge of entering early middle ages of the game.

    • Gimchess Liu

      I have been playing for over a year now. The best advise to give anyone is to not rush to the next age, but spend time upgrading your GB’s and do loob quests.

  • john martin

    I’ve never understood the fascination with games like this. It seems an even bigger waste of time than casually “surfing the net”, which at least offers some potential for learning something useful or uplifting.

  • archie7699

    No thanks! I can see easily that it’s just another game designed to wring money from suckers. Whoever spends the most dollars rules the roost, but never wins. Because there is no winning or losing in a game like this. It just goes on forever. In similar games, the dominators are wealthy shut-ins with the emotional maturity of children.

  • Good Enough

    Why do i get to a point where my forge points does not unlock anything anymore…it’s just no use for it now…freaking frustrating. I wouldn’t have bothered to start had i known it would end up here…what a total waste of my time….

    • Gimchess Liu

      This game has a strange learning curve. It starts out easy, then get’s frustrating, but then after a while it gets fun and interesting.

  • Poppins

    My advice is do not waste time or money on any Innogames game.
    Carefully read the unfair and abusive rules.
    InnoGames reserves the right to block the player’s account without giving reasons.
    It does not matter if money has been spent or not, and there is no refund.
    And if you search the net for reviews or complaints, you will see that this is common practice.
    It’s a shame because the game is very good.

  • Ryan

    i think the game takes forever to age. Before long it becomes boring

  • chris demars

    i play it..if u have kids…i recommend not letting them play it…this game is advertised on porn websites. constantly see pple asking for sex in global…pple with names like lickmyasshole and so on play this game…have fun lettin ur children play with potential pedos…after the 4th or 5th person i realized…they arent lying inno is.

  • sonatherun

    Their servers are so bad it’s impossible to play too many hours of the day, or perhaps that’s just for those who do not pay to play.

  • Randall Craig

    Don’t play this game if you want family members to join in on any kind of Fun. they Restrict you account from helping other that are on the same internet connection. Not even the same computer just the same internet. What family has more then one internet in their house. Not a family/ Group friendly game. Even if it works beware if you go to a hotel on vacation cause then you all get banned then. Wonder what would happen if a group of you played at a library. Nope can’t help each other out. Just rely on the thousands of strangers to help you out don’t form any kind of group as you will all be banned from helping each other. negative 10 stars for group play. What kind of MMO is this

    • chris demars

      didnt see the sex freaks in there? u got lucky buddy…keep ur kids away from this game man.

      • Gimchess Liu

        What server were you in? I have never seen pedos in fel US server or other older ones.

  • ramonzarat

    False representation. You can’t finish the game in an acceptable manner unless you buy diamonds. This is NOT the definition of FREE…

  • Ichi SAO

    I started this game on my phone and used money on it.. now i can’t play on my phone. if that’s not a scam idk what a scam is…

  • Tan

    I’ve been playing this game for 2 years, its one of the best browser games i’ve played.
    Beta server is my main. Please Don’t listen to ppl who tell you its a scam and you cant play it without spending money. I Have NEVER EVER bought a single diamond yet, ive reached the end of tech tree and im in top 20 Rankings.(19.8 million points).
    All you need is patience, the game can be slow at times, yes….but if you have a good guild and friends list, it surely decreases the boredom.

    • Allen Leopold

      I have been playing for over 6 months have only spent $10 very early. I have progressed through Late Middle Age. If you play in multiple worlds and do lots of Quest some reward Diamonds. But the biggest thing find a great guild that helps. I have one guild that 90% of the players play daily and I have gone from 78th in the guild to 20th in a few months. This a never ending game so if you start remember 5 years from now you could still be playing.

    • Gimchess Liu

      Beta is easy, they give out free diamonds every few weeks

      One of the best browser games for sure out there
      I have been playing for over a year, casual player 612k points, Fel server.

    • Kimberly Schultze


  • Ed Amagna

    I been playing this game for years and at Future Era now and never spent a penny. I am a founder of a guild (TheRighteousLegion) in Cirgard World and very sure this is not a scam game of any sort like others are saying. is how you play it. Join me in the guild and I’ll guide you how. I am known as Chainarmor .

  • Daniel Marcotte

    the gameplay was interresting but the pvp part is stupid! i kept being attackd and plundered by high level players without anyway to defend.. this is a no go for me!


    You guys are a bunch of dumbs, been playing since 1,5 year back…just grow some form of brains and think…not rush the ages then you can collect enough gold and wares to trade without the problems you are facing.

    Also try to get the wishing wells, the shrines and watch towers in the special events, besides the great buildings then you wouldn’t even need to spend any money at all ever.

    Diamonds are a bit of a cheat…but it’s not dependable unlike many other f2p games this is all free…that means no need to buy diamonds if you don’t really want a certain blueprint…but even then it’s easy to get (I have only spent 200 diamonds on one blueprint.)
    I have currently 7 GBs without forking out real money.

    To call this game a scam is just plain stupid if you don’t spend time to amass your fortune of goods in-game and to do things like any other economy.
    Thus far the game itself is great to just log in 2 times a day and fix some smaller things then collect your goods and restart production…no need to be logged in the whole day/days to fix everything all the time.

  • Nicolas

    Dear all,
    I have been playing this game for over 2,5 years. I have purchased diamonds on 1 occasion which would be equal amount for a boxed game in shop.
    It is not required to spend money accepting that you will never be in top 10 rankings.
    I have been enjoying the game. It entices you to log on as often as you want. Nice graphics, nice ideas, nice fighting units with lots of different skills.
    The developers have set out a good set of rules to try the system not to be abused. Here is where the frustration sets in. These rules are not equal for everyone in the game. The big spenders ( so the guys who pay for lots of diamonds) are allowed to cheat. Evidence is so obvious. Take the development of Great buildings; They can be developed by putting forge points in. Every hour you gain 1 forge point. That is 24 fp’s in a day. There is several buildings producing additional fp’s. One clear rule states you can’t swap fop’s only 1-way. This rule was put in place, because people made agreements over the different worlds. So player A in world Arvahall sets up a fake account in world Brisgard and supports a building from player B in Brisgard. Player B does viceversa.
    There is a handful of players currently gaining about 500-800 fp’s per day. This isn’t stopped.
    Another flaw is that as normal player you report to moderators. Moderators then decide if info goes up to developers. These moderators are active players and for that reason are not objective. They are involved.
    Also the relatively new GvG feature (GuildvsGuild) need some better developing. The way the system works now is strongly in favor of the few people who have as goal to destroy other empires rather than build one themselves. In the current system it is very difficult to defend and blunt easy to attack to demolish. It takes the entire strategy out of the game and devaluates this feature to a play garden for the few people who play for battle points only.
    Well, if you like being cheated please do play this game. Even with the cheating it can be fun. But I find it difficult to enjoy as I would like to measure my skills against others and I would not want to measure my wallet.

  • Stan

    Only been playing about 1 month now. I initially thought this was an interesting game that I could play without having to constantly monitor it…having learned my lesson from Evony. However I now realize that there was another lesson from Evony I should have learned – It’s all about the money for the game developers. I’m currently in a neighborhood where the top player has 1.5 million points and has maxed out on the tech tree. The next 2 highest scorers don’t have that many points combined. This player has been in this position as long as I have been playing. The age of our gameworld when compared to the progress of this player tells you that this person had put a LOT of money in the developers pockets!

    The skill vs money argument is not where I’m going here – that element exist in just about every game out there. And the fact of the matter is that game developers have and always will rely heavily on people without skill who are willing to pay to gain an advantage in a game. But this game in particular is going for the quick money via large amounts from fewer players. Simply put, if you are willing to spend big, you too can, like the top player on my gameworld, use your tanks to plunder folks with swords. When questioned about it, the game developers claim that the ‘coding’ of the game is the problem..and they are working on it., it’s not the ‘coding’, it’s the way you structure the game and manage the neighborhoods. IMHO, that 1.5 million point player should be grouped with other high-scored players as much as possible and restricted from attacking players 3 or more tech levels below them. This would still allow those willing to pay their way up to have an advantage while allowing those who choose not to, to enjoy the game also.

    Yeah..I know. DREAM ON. My advice to potential new players – Either have your credit card handy or find another game!

    • I think your point, about grouping high scoring players together, is very valid. I’ve been playing for about 6 months and I notice a lot of new players leave, after repeated attack & plunder, by players far ahead of them. They have no chance of repelling attacks, or getting revenge and, fed up of continually being wiped out by, an overpowering force and losing their goods, they quit playing.

      • james

        I agree, losing 8 hours worth of goods repeatedly does hurt the player alot. I found that the old advice on ” collecting on time” isn’t valid anymore. There are players who would go to each city and check repeatedly every min or every hour. As soon the goods becomes available, it gets swiped by the plunderer. I remember the old
        penny-auction where someone can outbid you in the last second. It the same way in this game. I believe this game would be better balanced by separating fighters and builders. Group the players who fights for points separated from the rest.

        • nojjh

          you people need to stop whining its part of the game to lose goods
          plus separation of people would be awful
          the builders or better said farmers would rank up fast

    • nojjh

      No they havent spent that much they are just smart and stay in one age and level their great buildings a lot. I do this too. Im HMA and have a contemporary era great building already (innovation tower)

  • Peter

    Played the game before the Giant buildings came out….was fun. Now its just really really buggy.

  • Death Ouron

    I’ve been playing this game since it was an open beta. 2+ years now and am one of the longest standing veteran players still active within the game. I am now leaving the game as it has been completely destroyed with new updates over the past year. The company has become far too greedy and everything they do is to try and ruin the game for none spenders. Even those who spend a lot get ripped off when items they pay for with real cash get nerfed and become far weaker than they were advertised to be.

    If that wasn’t bad enough, wait until you see their updates, better known as bugdates. You will see a constant stream of unfinished, bug ridden features being pushed into the live servers despite the issues all being pointed out on the beta server during the testing stages. Poorly thought out features, full of problems and exploits, will be the highlight of each update which you see, offering a badly coded, bugged up mess which comes to live release in an unfinished state.

    The most recent issue is a new building from a football event called the Hall of Fame, better known as the Hall of Shame. In the game there is a fairly new feature which is GvG (Guild vs Guild) in which you compete to claim sectors on multiple province maps. Each sector gives “prestige” to a guild which then adds to the guilds rank on the leaderboards. GvG has been in the game for around 4 months now and many players have fought their way into high ranking positions with their guilds, putting in a lot of time and effort to earn their rank.

    The Hall of Fame offers prestige to the guild of the person who owns the building. They don’t have to put in any effort to earn their prestige/rank, they simply pay with diamonds to get as many of these buildings as possible. The time, effort and hard work of the genuine players in the game has yet again been spat on by the corrupt, greedy company that is Innogames. All in an attempt to try and force people into paying them to keep the rank that they have earned.

    Innogames is the most corrupt and greedy gaming company I have ever come across. I am a long term gamer and have thousands upon thousands of hours invested into online games and never before have I seen such a disgraceful act of disrespect from a company to their customers. The things which have been done in this game over the past year are absolutely disgusting and Innogames should be ashamed of themselves for the actions they have taken in attempt to fuel their greed.

    I would not recommend this game to anybody, nor would I suggest that anybody play an “Innogame” at all. Once you begin playing you will be screwed over time and time again by the company and if you choose to pay for premium items you will only find that, in the very near future, the item which you spent your hard earned money on will be completely changed and you will be stuck with something which is nothing near what you paid for.

    This company is a complete disgrace and does nothing but show disrespect to their player base and customers.

    Death Ouron.

  • jiri

    This game is scam. All hacks diamonds generators are scam too. Never ever you will get any diamonds only millions junk emails and phone calls. you can’t win with game software if owners make everything to get your money. if you will spent thousand dollars software will always keep you a level down We will public true story about this game soon.

  • Kevin McCarty

    Hello, Forge of Empires a very awesome browser based games. But it requires
    resources like gold, diamonds forge points and others. This hack gave me all of them: g4mehacks. com/forge-of-empires-gold-hack/

  • jiri

    Do not play this game ever. This is only rip off game. You can’t play this game with no money. I spend hundreds dollars and I can’t move forward.

    • Ed Amagna

      Like I said ..join me in righteous legion of cirgard world and I’ll guide you how to play without spending. ..

    • J A Shepherd

      You can platy the game with no money but you have to be patient. If you can’t move forward, you’re not doing something right. You need to get into a good guild.

  • Natalie

    What is Forge of Empires rated? because i am 11 and i would really like the game

    • Ed Amagna

      Go to cirgard world and join the righteous legion guild and I’ll guide you how to play right..

  • daisyandus

    I’ve played about 18 months and have only purchased diamonds once about a year ago before I figured out it wasn’t really necessary. I’ve played without a single cash purchase for well over a year. Twice I’ve contacted Support and received answers promptly. I’ll be the first to admit it’s a slow moving game, but I like that. I played Evony and got tired of having to watch my account 24/7 for fear it would be gone. This is a much more stable game, albeit slower.

    Other players may have different experiences but as long as you get in a good, established guild, things move along just great.

  • Warmonger12

    I spent 2 years in this game and what a total waste it has been.
    Support does not treat the customers with any respect even though they
    sign off “Respectfully” I had a building go missing and wrote to
    support and told they cant do anything and it was the server. I told
    them where to stick my missing building(a reply in support. And because
    I said ass, I got banned permanently. The Appeal, is handled by
    DarkArtist69. They say there is no tolerance for pornography, even
    implied, so why do they let that idiot as a moderator. He has been
    going on for a week about me not understanding that I was wrong and will
    never do it again. I said I would never contact support again, yet he
    insists that that somehow means I go about cussing at everyone. I have
    NEVER said anything in game play, ONLY in support when I reacted to
    their unwillingness to correct a problem. Don’t invest time or money
    in this because it will frustrate you and then you have to deal with the
    supreme tyrant DarkArtist69 belittling you with his personal vendetta. One word on my behalf because I was wronged, and 2 years down the drain. Way to go Innogames

  • Shoelessjoe356

    I love FoE! I haven’t spent a single dime on diamonds, and I don’t see that it’s diminished my enjoyment of the game a bit. The tip below to get into a trade friendly guild is essential. It not only eases the acquisition of goods one needs for advancement, but also creates a sense of community. I have many friends now that I’ve met through FoE. I think patience is key because advancement can be slow at times while you’re waiting for production and money to develop in your city. But as that’s a lot like real life, I find that the realism enhances the game.

  • william

    This game is a scam if you invest in buying diamond. I payed a couple thousand in this game and followed all the rules. I played in three worlds so when progress slowed into one I could play the other worlds.Then one day my account was said I was banned when I went to sign it. After appealing over and over come to find out its was because I had one person donating lots of forge points to my great buildings in two of my worlds. I didn’t know this person but I was grateful he was choosing to donate to my great buildings. He would also receive forge points, medals, and blue prints for himself to get great buildings thats the point of the game unless you buy your great buildings like I did. Well come to find out that person is the reason I was banned. They accused me of having a push account and saying this person who I never knew except by this game. They said that was my push account. I know it isn’t and I also know I put a lot of time in money into this game and I felt heartbroken after my hard time, work , and money I put into this game only to be falsely accused and banned for something I had no idea about. They insisted I had a push account after much appeal. People please be very aware of buying into this game because it can be taken from you without notice. That being said I just on here to warn people they obviously don’t have a very good system to distinguish cheats from non cheats. Im only posting this message a hoping I can save some from heartache and a lost of money if you get addicted and start going crazy buying diamonds. Bewre and I hope you think twice about my experience. There are other all over the internet that I have found since this happen to me.
    thank you,

  • lazo

    Im playing over 1/2 year. The game is boring. samo samo. But what realy pisses me off, is their hatred against people in the same household playing. You cant donate to eachother, so afraid that people make 2 toons and get an advantage above players with 1 toon. The pvp sucks. it aint player vs player but player vs computer. Than the level of playing is throwed together. how you think you win a fight with a knife vs a canon or even a tank??? big diamond players r big bullies. you have hardly chance to win medals or keep your goods. The game is unfair, i guess like all games where you can buy advantages. Also the costumercare is a big disapointment. All they think is about their cash flow, not how players think. on a scale 0-10 a big 3 for me. not worth my time anymore 🙁

    • nojjh

      such hypocritical response because if people could donate it would be a knife versus tank situation you basically dont support what you are saying

  • MaryT

    I have been playing for over a year and have not purchased any diamonds. Occasionally, a quest will reward you with a nominal amount of diamonds which you can save up and spend. All in all, it does take time to amass goods, coin, etc. and you can expedite this by building “Great Buildings” but you will still need to put in the time to acquire the necessary blueprints and goods to do so. You will thrive if you join a trade-friendly guild which will help you in acquiring the goods you need to complete a task.
    The seasonal quests the developers add to the game are a big plus to those who have stuck with this online game. Players are looking forward to the guild vs. guild battles in FoE which are forthcoming in 2014.

  • razaroff

    In fact the game becomes virtually unplayable without spending significant amounts of real cash money once you get to the late middle ages. By this point in the game, all players are required to spend massive amounts of specific resources to move forward in expansion, quests, and acquisition of any new technology. While the game is designed to allow players to trade resources, in reality every player needs massive amounts of the same resources to move forward, so there are rarely any of the necessary resources actually available for trade. The only way to move forward is to purchase ‘diamond’ tokens for ridiculous amounts of real cash in order to continue to progress in the game. I would not recommend playing this game to anyone. It is a complete rip-off.

  • Bmacd

    FOE appears to be another Evony to me. I spent Two months and about $300 on that one.

    • mike

      yeah like Evony and goodgames empires, I play good game empire, but have had to upgrade larger buildings not using rubies, just cant afford them anymore. I will probably get to a good level, Im 39 at moment. Problem with goodgame one , is that there is no global economy. So if you run short on food, you just cant go and sell 47k of wood, and purchase more food with the proceeds. This seems much the same, better to make it full subscription like WoW or SWTOR.

  • Ruler

    1) FOE has become a question about spending money. We have a good time playing, but if you really want to go for the top-10 you need to spend a LOT OF MONEY on buying diamonds etc.

    2) The game do not offer equal terms for playing. Some clans are getting more opportunities for winning the battle for the towers ( a weekly battle), from where they receive more medals – and for medals you can expand you city, which gives you a huge advantage. Some clans have been favored by the FOE-Support team – and we have the feeling that our money are not as valued as other clans.

    On equal terms, this could be a fantastic game – but FOE are to much focused on us (the players) buying diamonds for real money and the support arrogant them selves.