Tesla Model S future upgrades and options

There’s no denying just how good the Tesla Model S is, as it has already won numerous awards for the technology implemented in the car, but the car is still far from perfect. However, a secret menu system has been found, which points to future upgrades and options.

The Tesla Model S has some unique features, yet it still lacks some of the most basic ones, such as adaptive cruise control and even blind spot detection, which several other cars already have as standard. However, that could soon change, if what we see in the video below is the real deal.

In the video you can clearly see some hidden menus on the touchscreen, which we mentioned above, but as yet we are uncertain when these features will be implemented. However, we find it hard to understand how they can include these new Tesla Model S future upgrades and options, as they would need to include new hardware in order to work, unless they are already on the car, but has yet to be activated?

Tesla Model S future upgrades

According to Autoblog, the software seems to be in the prototype stage, and as well as those two new driver-aids there are several unannounced apps as well, these include a sketchpad, scheduler/calendar, image viewer and several more.

Personally, I believe that this software has been put in place ready for Tesla to start offering some hardware upgrades, and if this were true, then the Model S would be even more appealing than the Chevy Volt. With most vehicles you need to choose these upgrades while ordering your new vehicle, but Tesla could be offering a new strategy, as after-market upgrades. Now that’s a novel way to offer even more support for those who already own one of these environmental friendly cars.



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