Star Wars 2013 game future in hands of EA

We have some big news to bring you now, especially after the recent Star Wars ‘May the 4th be with you’ event. There has been a huge cloud of doubt over the future of Star Wars in relation to the gaming industry after LucasArts closure, but we can now tell you that EA has signed a deal with Disney to carry on making Star Wars games in 2013 and into the future.

The deal is a ‘multi-publishing’ deal with Disney, meaning that EA won’t actually develop the games. Instead, new and hopefully existing Star Wars projects will now come from EA owned studios, with DICE, BioWare and Visceral the big three that have been given the responsibility of pleasing millions of Star Wars fanatics.

It’s particularly interesting that DICE is now set to make some Star Wars titles, as ot could mean that the infamous Star Wars Battlefront 3 project will now be handled by the developer – a task that is well within their capability given their experience with the Battlefield series.

BioWare is also very familiar with the Star Wars franchise already, having worked on Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, as well as MMO The Old Republic. The big question on everyones minds though – what will now happen to Star Wars 1313 now that EA is on publishing duties and which developer out of three will finish the game – if it is still alive of course?

Don’t forget Visceral, who are most commonly known for making the Dead Space series – it will be interesting to see what their first Star Wars game will be. If we could choose though, we would love to see some HD remakes of some of the classic Star Wars games, on top of new IPs of course.

Jedi Power Battles from the PS1 remains one of the best Star Games hands down for us, and it would be amazing if the game was to be remade in HD. Gamers need a good Star Wars game to play again and a platform-based game would be a great start.

Expect more feedback from the big deal soon. Let us know your initial thoughts on Disney’s decision to partner with EA. Is it ultimately the only move that could happen?



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