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Sony Xperia ZL video capture indoor and outdoor

The Sony Xperia ZL is a bit of a strange handset because it tries so hard to achieve what it needs to, and yet people still assume it will have almost the same features as the Xperia Z. For the most part it does, but there are a few fundamental differences, which goes against it.

We’ve already seen several Sony Xperia ZL reviews, and it’s clear that it’s lacking in design when compared to the Z, but what is the quality of the video footage I hear you ask?

Thanks to Phone Arena they have two such videos on their YouTube channel, the first is a Sony Xperia ZL indoor S sample video and the second and outdoor video sample.

In that first video it gives you an idea of how well the different colors are represented, as well as how it handles the frames with moving objects.

The second is a video sample taken in 1080p resolution and while at first it seems a little awful, after a while it’s not that bad. While it could be better, we all know the different results we get when turning video quality up to Full HD.

We’re told that while the Sony Xperia ZL video stabilization is not fantastic, it’s slightly better than the Galaxy S4. Check out the same tests for the Nokia Lumia 720 and see how it compares to the ZL.



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