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Samsung Galaxy Note 3 vs. Note 2, deciphering rumors

With the popular Samsung Galaxy S4 now landing in the market on three of the major four carriers in the US, attention is now starting to turn towards the arguably more popular Galaxy Note range. The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is an inevitable device that will release, but some Galaxy Note 2 owners who have just upgraded may be wondering if a new device is coming too soon.

If Samsung are planning to stick to their same release patterns, we could see a Galaxy Note 3 announcement sometime in September, which could also serve as a great limelight stealer ahead of a potential iPhone 6 or iPhone 5S unveil from Apple. If this happens, we could then see a logical release in the US towards the end of October.

That would be after the Galaxy Note 3 launches in Europe first of course, with US consumers now used to settling for second best with EU homeowners always getting the first opportunity to purchase new Samsung devices early. If an announcement is indeed coming in September, then we still have all Summer to wait and inevitably get the lowdown on the device thanks to rumors and pictures that are almost certain to be leaked prior to an event.

It was only a few days ago that we told you that Samsung are thought to be mulling over three potential design choices for the Galaxy Note 3 – one with the exact design as the Galaxy S4, another with an ambitious flexible design and finally a brand new design altogether that would take consumers by surprise.

While a new design would be appealing, we think many consumers will just settle for a device that looks like that Galaxy Note 2, but with hardware upgrades in all areas. One thing that is fairly likely is that the Galaxy Note 3 would be equipped with an Exynos Octa processor from Samsung – certainly in Europe, but hopefully for the US release as well this time around unlike the S4.

Going back to current Note 2 owners though, Samsung will also have to take in the fact that many consumers have only just upgraded to a Note 2 as well. They won’t want to risk a backlash by abandoning the Note 2 when the Note 3 comes out, so frequent software updates to the latest versions of Android will obviously have to be provided to keep everyone happy.

The biggest winners will be those that will be buying a Note 3 for the first time. If you are in this bracket, let us know what you would need to see in order to secure your purchase. Would you just be happy with some hardware upgrades from the Note 2, or would you need to see a completely new design this time?



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