GTA V Special Edition on PC may have exclusive weapons

By Alan Ng - May 7, 2013

We may have some very exciting news for PC owners now, as rumors are starting to mount on the release availability of the highly anticipated GTA V game for PC. Rockstar has yet to officially confirm that it is coming, but numerous retailer listings for the PC version are now available, including the revelation that a GTA V Special Edition could be on the way as well.

As far as we’re aware, this is the first time that we have heard mention of any other version of GTA V, aside from the standard edition. There was a Special Edition for GTA IV that came with some excellent goodies such as a Rockstar Duffel bag and metal Safe box, and now it looks like Rockstar will be deploying similar tactics for the release of GTA V.

However, the contents of the alleged GTA V Special Edition are debatable at the moment. The premium version of the game was initially listed over at retailer GamesOnly, but has since been removed and replaced by something known as the GTA V ‘uncut edition’.

Details of the Special Edition were captured though before the removal, and contents are thought to include a steelbook with exclusive artwork, a world map, bonus tattoos, as well as some bonus outfits to use in-game. The most interesting goodies though appear to be exclusive weapons, special ability boosters for Michael, Trevor and Franklin and finally some Stunt Plane challenges.

While that is a nice list of extra goodies, we say debatable because there isn’t any mention of an official GTA V soundtrack, since the GTA IV Special Edition came with a 16-track CD with all of the official music featured in the game. We would say that this is an essential item to have considering how important the music is when playing the game.

We can only hope that this is a partial list of extras that are coming in the Special Edition and that Rockstar will reveal a full list of goodies when they announce everything officially. For now, give us your thoughts on the idea of picking up a Special Edition of the game.

The GTA IV Special Edition was great value for $30 extra, so would you be willing to do the same for GTA V?

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  • gtav123

    Wait up whats wrong with second hand buying? All my games are second hand. Its not pirated copies or anything, Its simply slightly cheaper cause someone else used the game.

    Game companies set a retail price for their games and stores add to that. Often second hand sells at the base retail value (unless the game is older) so the company still makes the same revenue as brand new games

  • james

    grrr fake.
    I hate rumours but I am PC gamer so I am going to pirate GTAV 🙂

  • bf32011

    I hate when people pirate GTAV!

    • hatefags


      Seriously we don’t need PC anyways.

      • vbfvn

        because they are only needed for spreadsheets, right?