Fallout 4 not related to Bethesda 1960 game secret

By Alan Ng - May 7, 2013

It looks like Bethesda are up to their old tricks again. The company recently unveiled The Evil Within with a series of social media teasers that got fans very excited prior to its official announcement. Bethesda are doing it once more, by releasing three images of a new mystery game that will be coming out soon. However, it has just been confirmed that it isn’t related to Fallout 4.

That is an obvious shame, as Fallout 4 seems to be the second most anticipated game in recent years after GTA V. Everywhere we read, fans are talking about Fallout 4 this, Fallout 4 that, which can only mean good news for Bethesda as anticipation and hype continues to reach fever pitch.

But if this new game isn’t Fallout 4 or a new Elder Scrolls game, then what is it? Speculation is now running wild once again and the leading candidates seem to be either a new Wolfenstein game or Prey 2. Bethesda initially unveiled this image over on Twitter, which has since been revealed in full over at GameSpot.

Bethesda has left a clue with each of the images, a solitary hashtag in the corner with the numbers ‘1960’. Fans are now curious as to whether 1960 refers to part of the name of the mystery title, or indeed the era in which the game will take place – it could end up being both of course.

One of the images in particular appears to show some sort of weaponry, possibly some rocket shells or some sort of industrial machinery. Bethesda certainly knows how to tease fans and we could be finding out the answer to the secret at E3 in June. Take a look at the images for yourself and let us know your theories on them so far.

Are you disappointed that this is yet another game that is coming out before Fallout 4?

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