Audi’s new Star Trek Into Darkness commercial tie-in

You may wonder why we would be talking about the new Star Trek movie; well it seems as though Audi has done yet another fantastic tie-in, and this time with Star Trek Into Darkness.

Audi’s new Star Trek Into Darkness commercial is a very funny tie-in featuring the two Spocks, Leonard Nimoy and Zachary Quinto. In the video the old and new just wants to outdo each other all the time, and after being beaten by their latest competition, Quinto suggests a race to the golf course.

Nimoy is driving a Mercedes, while Quinto is behind the wheel of the Audi. It’s clear from the start that the Audi has the edge, although this was obvious considering it’s their commercial.

The new Spock wins the contest, but there was a funny moment towards the end, when Nimoy puts his arm around Quinto and performs the Vulcan neck pinch, which sees him fall to the ground.

The final scene is the pivotal part of the commercial, as it shows an Audi driving itself away, showing that the Audi is better than the both of them. This new Star Trek Into Darkness and Audi tie-in is nothing new, as the German car manufacturer already has a huge presence in the Iron Man movies, and more so in the latest one, Iron Man 3.

What’s the best part of this new commercial?



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