Xbox 720 2014 release fears after Blu-Ray rumor

By Alan Ng - May 6, 2013

As we wait for Microsoft’s highly anticipated May 21 event where we will finally see the next Xbox console unveiled on stage, a new rumor has emerged which suggests that a somewhat surprising 2014 release date may be on the cards for the next-generation Xbox. Even more surprising is that the reason for the delay could be due to an exclusive agreement that Sony has in place on the Blu-Ray disc format.

The PS3 runs Blu-Rays of course, while Microsoft opted to use DVD discs for the Xbox 360. While this was considered a victory for Sony during the current-generation storage wars, the fact that Sony utilized the Blu-Ray format first may come to pay further dividends for the company, with painful repercussions for Microsoft if this rumor is to be believed.

A report over at MondoXbox, suggests that Microsoft will have to wait until 2014 at the earliest to release their next Xbox with Blu-Ray support, due to licensing issues and the fact that Sony may have an exclusivity window in place for console releases with Blu-Ray discs.

If true, it has to be considered rather clever by Sony whilst at the same time being a massive headache for Microsoft. The next Xbox was presumably going to be released during the 2013 Holiday season in the US, but imagine a scenario where Sony ends up being the only next-gen console to release during the month.

Obviously this is just a rumor, and a thin one at this point. It’s something to bear in mind though as we approach the May 21 next-gen Xbox event. If this does happen, let us know your thoughts on waiting until 2014 for the next Xbox.

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  • Elliott

    I don’t really care to be honest, the Playstation 4 will be better and that’s what I’m buying. Microsoft are a horrible company. I’d rather give Sony my money and anything that puts a spanner in the works for Microsoft is a good thing in my book. They’ve been screwing the competition for far too long and have a track record of shifting rubbish products, money-grabbing, a poor selection of exclusives and rely on aggressive marketing. Even game developers have said what a horrible experience it is working with Microsoft and as far as exclusives go I’d rather have Uncharted, MGS, Infamous, God of War etc over Halo any day.

  • HayWire74

    Something else to consider is the use of a USB encrypted format like a memory stick that would eliminate the need for a disc drive. But with Microsoft looking at a all in one media centre that has been rumoured. Microsoft would need a Blu Ray drive as well as HD Streaming. The 21st May can not come soon enough.

  • bigdaddyt0101

    If true this would be the funniest thing in a long time regarding a console release. Personally thought MS should have made HD DVD their own instead of trying to battle the Blu Ray collective for its use. With the way HD streaming is, dedicated blu ray players being so cheap, MS could have used HDDVD as a simple large storage format for their games and called it a day without this potentially happening. Oh and if this is true, if my memory is correct (and I could be misinformed) the “party chat” ms used was unable to be duplicated by sony because of patent issues not memory issues, so this would be very ironic if it does cause MS to release late.

  • HayWire74

    I recently contacted Microsoft Xbox Division about an account issue. During the conversation I asked if he had any inside information on the next Xbox. He told me that a media Xbox will be available this year but the main game console will be released 2014. This goes with Sony have an agreement with Microsoft to delay the next Xbox due to the Blu Ray drive.

    • HayWire74IsStupid

      LOL yeah because they always give out console release dates to random people on the phone and not to new sources.

      • HayWire74

        Just putting both bits of information together. Personally I would like to see Microsoft implement a new format for the next generation console

  • deeboy17

    This is the perfect time for Microsoft to implement a new physical media format foe the next Gen. Bluray hasn’t really caught fire like DVDs did when they first arrived and there’s still room for ultra HD.
    To me this is the perfect opportunity being that the rumor has been Microsoft is getting its own media content service for the next-box. The obvious question would be cost.

  • Korey Montplaisir

    Good job Sony

  • Cpt Boomstick

    woops, invested.

  • Cpt Boomstick

    Won’t be an issue. The way Microsoft has been pushing HD streaming and on demand video games via Xbox Live, I would think they would release a cheaper version which didn’t accept discs…possibly an add-on which plays Blu-Ray and/or 360 games released later on? That would be my response to worst case scenario but I’m sure the big wigs at Microsoft could think of an even better strategy. Personally, I would wait for the next Xbox. I have too much investigated in my gamerscore plus Live is just such a better service and well worth the money (had to switch my credit card thanks to Sony’s lackadaisical online security).

  • David M

    What a dirty move by Sony.

    • MountainK1ng

      What a bonehead move by Microsoft if they didn’t do their due diligence to be aware of a 5+ year old exclusivity agreement. It is business after all.

      And this is just a rumor…

  • So naive, Microsoft wouldn’t be showing what they have, if a sudden hardware issue emerged. Obviously,, this is just a rumor with no truth to it.

  • DUDE52

    bluray players are so cheap now a days i have 2 3d bluray players and a regular one actually id rather have a console right away then wait cause of that

    • MountainK1ng

      The problem would be all the games being on 3 or 4 DVD’s instead of a single blu-ray, or having all of the textures uber-compressed and lower quality on the Nextbox to fit them on a single DVD.

  • AndroidShiz

    Exactly why HD DVD by Toshiba should have won. They were a 3rd party. Having the competition control that type of thing should never have been allowed. But then again look at Warner Bros and the cable companies and all the channels they own. The internet they provide, that is often not Netflix friendly. They throttle even the highest speeds and rake you dry. Comcast etc. This is why we need companies like Google who will bring us things Google fiber.

    • King

      would have won if Microsoft wasn’t so tight and added it to the Xbox instead of the dvd

  • Robert

    Bluray is available to anybody that wants to pay… MS would quite easily win a court battle over this if they cited anti-competitive behaviour. After all a 7+ year exclusivity deal on a standard and wide spread technology is not in the best interest of competition.

    • shikamaru317

      I agree that it would be an easy win in court for Microsoft. The problem is getting it through court in time for launch, Sony could potentially hold things up with red tape until after this year and irreperably damage the Next Xbox. If they do something that dirty and underhanded, hopefully Microsoft fans will boycott them, I know I will. Of course I highly doubt this rumor to begin with, because I’m pretty sure we would have heard about Sony getting a blu ray exclusivity agreement for consoles long before now, not to mention the fact that Microsoft would likely have forseen a complication like this and bid against Sony the last time the agreement was up for renewal.

    • Antitrust

      Do you mean exclusivity deals like the agreement between Activision and M$ that means I don’t have the new CoD maps as I have a PS3 – which I believe has been going for some years now. What is good for the goose, is good for the gander – M$ have been one of the the most anti-competitive companies in history. I do agree with Cpt Broomstick, though. I have too much invested in PS like trophies etc, that I would not change “teams” even if we don’t have the superior machine next gen like we do currently.