Pokemon X and Y starter evolution rumors

By Alan Ng - May 6, 2013

Are you starting to sweat over the likelihood of new Pokemon X and Y gameplay appearing at this year’s E3 2013 expo? Nintendo has already said that they won’t be having a main press conference this year, so there will be no specialized Pokemon X and Y reveal on stage. The game could still be shown off though on the show floor, and as we approach June we have some more rumors for you to digest and discuss in the meantime.

Pokemon fans are clearly not stupid. Most can spot a fake a mile away and the following images that we have to show you are going to require some careful thought once again. Official Pokemon X and Y news has obviously been very quiet as of late, but some new Japanese scans have turned up, appearing to show the final evolution forms for the three starter Pokemon Fennekin, Chespin and Froakie.

The evolution results are interesting to say the least, particularly Fennekin’s transformation which suggests that the creature may even have a new type along with Fire in its new form. The designs are believable, but then again we have seen some very creative unofficial designs as well, making this all the more difficult to determine whether it is real or not.

The same website that posted the information, has also provided another image which claims that none other than Jinx will be getting an evolution for Pokemon X and Y, and the ‘disaster’ Pokemon Absol will also be getting an evolution as well.

Exciting stuff, but is it real? Check out the image of the final evolutions for Chespin, Fennekin and Froakie, and let us know what you think about them.

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  • AnamayCat

    These are clearly fake. I mean, they would be pretty cool evos but they are too alike to the starters. Plus, if you really think about it, why would they make Fennekin’s evo go from four legs, to two leg -standing with a stick, back to fours again? And why would they use the SAME POSE for the last evo with Froakie? The Chespin could possibly work. But over all they all have similar poses, and it’s completely obvious that the designs look like the first starters but a bit different. I don’t think Pokemon would do this to us, so I feel it’s fake.

  • Ranzord

    So Fennekin’s evo has only 3 legs and only one of them has a white hair detail on.

    That doesn’t help very much…

    • RubixCubesForCharity

      The back legs don’t have white fluff on them. The front ones do. Look under the evolution’s chin, it’s other front leg is bending up to it’s face.

      • Ranzord

        Uh, I see. Damn text xD

        Stills weird IMO

  • Emily Wright

    That honestly looks pretty real, only because the magazine itself looks legitimate. But the evolutions, no. Pokemon has had very few dreadful evolutions, but I HIGHLY DOUBT that they would make the first evolution look that much alike to the final evolution. I’m certain on picking Chespin, but after seeing this, I doubt that I’d even buy the game. I wouldn’t trust any predicting evolutions of the starters that are currently out though. Some people out there are drawing up likely evolutions for them, attempting to make them look real just for shits n’ giggles. But believe it or not, Pokemon fans are quite serious when it comes down to this kind of thing. So my answer would be out of sheer oblivion that no, I don’t think this is real. But as said, SHEER OBLIVION. None of us will ever know what’s real and what isn’t unless Nintendo releases a new trailer about them, or if you wait a day after the game comes out before buying it to see other people find out and tell what the evolutions are. Either way, it requires lots of patience; which most of us don’t have due to excitement to see a brand new Pokemon region.
    Happy gaming, everyone.

  • tuku

    If these are real i will dump my starter as soon as im allowed to catch the first wild pokemon even a dunsparce

  • Slade Smith

    I hope this is fake… I was planning on getting Chespin, and his final evolution looks like a piece of crap.

  • They look TOO similar to the originals.

  • Anthony

    I don’t like these. The quality is poor, they just look like inflated versions of the original pokemon. Starter evolutions tend to have a more creative twist to them that makes them distinct from the original pokemon. The Chespin one is the worst.

    • Squirtle-Blastoise
      Shut Up

  • Beautiful Sinner

    I obviously think that the picture is fake. Sorry, but if you look at Chespin and the final evolution, there is no clear resemblence what-so-ever.

    • Urm, look at Oshawott and Samurott. Tepig and Emboar..

  • Swimster

    Quality of design is too poor. Good possible likeness but on balance i think that they are fakes.

  • Wally

    Obviously fake. The Fennekin evolution’s missing a leg, and they would never put a highly anticipated Pokemon (or any Pokemon, really) in the crease. That’s just poor page design.

    • Wally

      The Fennekin evolution is also missing the white fluff on its right front leg. It looks more like a back leg than a front leg.

      • Buizel

        no…i think u blind urself

    • z

      its leg is going towards its face

    • BUizel

      no….fennekin / fokko doesnt missing a leg…look carefully behind those japanese words…fennekin bend its leg towards its face..


    looks nice but i think its fake.

    • gggg

      you’re not ken sugimori, you fake.

  • ldzppln1343

    The artwork is different from the starters, so i doubt those are the evolutions. Not only that, but you would think they would show there middle evolutions before the final evolution. But if they are real, its a major appointment. I wish they would make more realistic pokemon like 1-3 gen. Or even better, stop making new pokemon and start making games with better storylines.

  • Red

    This is obviously a fake just look at the mising legs or the fen

    • z

      it’s other arm is towards its face.

  • N

    I hope these are fake…some of the fan art looks way better than this and these look really bland and boring. I mean come on the water evolution is in the same position and it’s basically just a bigger version of the starter. They all look lame and bigger than their base form with darker coloring.

  • bolt

    Honestly hope this is real…. they actually look cool and seem very interesting…. but I wonder what their types would be

  • z

    they actually looks believeable. and so does the picture. the crease in the middle definitely makes it seem more believeable. though the designs are boring… i wouldnt be surprised if this was real

  • Ray