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LG Optimus G2 with massive screen rumored

We have some exciting rumors to share with LG fans now, as it looks like the company’s next flagship handset could be due for a big announcement soon. Pictures have leaked online, appearing to show a potential successor to the popular Optimus G handset. Only this time, the Optimus G2 is going to be packing a massive display screen that is surely going to make Galaxy Note fans take notice.

It seems that no size is too big these days, with consumers still loving smartphones that feature the biggest displays possible. We ourselves think that the Galaxy Note display ranges are starting to get a little too big, but still they remain as popular as ever.

This week, EVleaks are back once again with their latest image leak, uploading a mystery picture of an unannounced LG device with a very large display, which is very close to featuring an edge-to-edge screen. The caption along with image (full size here) reads ‘G2? Just a guess’, but an successor has already been confirmed for the Optimus G, so it is looking promising.

Aside from the sheer size of that screen, LG fans should also be excited to hear that this elusive device doesn’t have a physical home screen button, nor any other buttons for that matter. It means that navigation is going to be handled entirely using capacitive buttons, that we’re guessing will illuminate once the device is turned on.

Full specs are unknown at this point, but clues from past benchmarks suggest that this will be a 1080p based display, with a quad-core Snapdragon 800 processor. You can obviously expect the latest version of Android to come as well with this beast, which could even be Android 5.0 by the time the device is ready to release.

What are your initial thoughts on this one? Are LG starting to become relevant again or would you still prefer to choose a different phone maker for your next phone purchase?



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