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Gran Turismo 6 box art, release fools fans

Sony’s next-generation PS4 console may be the main agenda at the company’s E3 2013 press conference this year, but we are hoping that the Gran Turismo 6 mystery will also be solved as well. The highly anticipated racer from Polyphony Digital is thought to be releasing on current-gen rather than next-gen, but recent box art attempts and a November 28 release date have now been suggested as fake information.

If you have been following GT6 rumors over the last few weeks, you will have most likely seen the apparent Gran Turismo box art showing a desert-like setting. On top of this we’ve seen from various retailer listings that the game is reportedly on the way to the PS3 on November 28.

However, an article by GTPlanet suggests that all of the information is fake – both the box art and the release date. They have provided evidence that the image used for the box art has actually been taken from a McLaren F1 photo set – you can clearly see the two images match up perfectly as well by looking at the set.

They also say that the November 28 release date is bogus, due to fact that the day falls on November 28 – a day of celebration, when most businesses are closed for Thanksgiving. While we have still seen many retailers operating on Thanksgiving, do you agree that a November 28 release is very unlikely?

The photo set evidence is key though on this occasion, and it just shows that you shouldn’t believe everything you read on the internet. If you are looking forward to GT6 coming out, let us know your feedback on Polyphony Digital potentially skipping a next-gen PS4 release to focus on a much-broader PS3 audience.



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