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Google X phone US carriers, endless colors update

The Google X phone rumors keep on coming it seems, and it looks like we have a fairly big one for you to digest to kick off the week in style. The highly anticipated ‘unannounced’ device could be due for an unveiling at Google I/O, but in the meantime we have some details on potential US carrier availability and color options to share with you.

We’re trying to remember of similar levels of hype for a previously unheard of smartphone, one which has received minimal information on like the Google X phone from Motorola – there are not many. The device is surely on the way though and now we have word that it could be landing on all four major carriers in the US.

That means that the Google X phone could be on AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile and Verizon before the end of 2013. The information has come from 9to5Mac’s sources, who also reveal some very interesting details regarding colors. Traditionally, we now see new smartphone releases in two main color options – either black or white.

However, it looks like Motorola and Google could be changing this in a big way, with the additional of 25 Google X colors to choose from, drawing similarities with Apple’s never-ending iPod Touch colors – with the vast amount of color schemes proving to be very popular with consumers.

If this becomes a reality, we could see the Google X become the ‘it’ phone of 2013. Forget the iPhone 6 in Black or White, as consumers may be racing to find that perfect obscure color as the latest fashion accessory of the year. Having said that, this is still a pretty adventurous rumor to think that 25 colors will be available at launch for the Google X.

What do you make of this latest revelation on the Google X phone from Motorola? Would you fully support a move to offer 25 colors at launch? More importantly – what would be your dream Google X color scheme?



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