BlackBerry R10 budget specs vs Q10

By Alan Ng - May 6, 2013

A lot of you may be patiently waiting for a US BlackBerry Q10 release date on the likes of Verizon, Sprint and AT&T, but we have the latest rumors to share with you regarding the elusive BlackBerry R10 – the third device to release in 2013 as part of BlackBerry’s new BB10 product line.

It has now become apparent that the BlackBerry R10 will serve as a budget version of the Q10, which would be a logical path since both devices look almost identical to each other, based on early images of the R10 in the wild. A new image of the device has emerged over in China, along with some potential specs of the R10.

While BlackBerry has yet to provide official release information on the R10, the company are expected to hold a BlackBerry Live event this week, which could be the perfect time to make things official. For now though, we have a good idea of just what ‘budget’ will entail, compared to the Q10.

The same Chinese source reveals that the R10 will include a 5 megapixel camera, compared to the 8MP shooter on the Q10. Other discrepancies between the two include smaller storage space of 8GB and a smaller battery capacity of 1,800mAh as well – the Q10 will pack 16GB of internal memory and a 2,100mAh battery.

The good news however, is that other areas remain unchanged – specifically, the display size of 3.1-inches, 2GB of RAM in both handsets and BlackBerry 10.1 as the R10’s operating system of choice. As we await official news this week, let us know if you would be willing to pick up the budget R10, over the Q10.

Is the operating system the most important aspect for you over say, megapixel count and storage space?

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  • Looks like they also left off the steel frets that separate the keys as well as the fact that the R10 looks to sport a steel border instead of black? I think I see a reflection off the bottom of the phone there which leads me to believe it’s not an all black border. Going with the Q10.