GTA V trailer goes retro in reproduction

Ever wondered what one of those new Grand Theft Auto V trailers would look like with 2004 graphics? If this sounds like you then you are in luck thanks to a reproduction by YouTube user NDstudio69, which has seen a new GTA V Michael trailer in the style of San Andreas.


The video runs for around the same time at 1 minute and 18 seconds. You can see the end result in the video above this article and just how far graphics have come in Grand Theft Auto, which the graphics seen so far with GTA V point to something far better.

Rockstar released the three GTA V trailers at the end of last month that delivered a much closer look at each of the protagonists. The game is currently set for a release on Sept. 17 for consoles, although PC gamers are wondering when they will see a version of GTA V.

We know that the graphics will be much better in GTA V on both PS3 and Xbox 360, but how much do you care about graphics compared to the gameplay elements or do you want the best of both worlds? Lack of a PC release is being discussed in this article.



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