Fallout 4 vehicle considerations

By Daniel Chubb - May 4, 2013

There isn’t much known about Fallout 4 and while gamers wait for official news it seems a few debates have started around certain features wanted, and those not want, which top of the list seems to be vehicles. Some gamers have a vast range of ideas for vehicles in Fallout 4, a game without a release date or any confirmation of development, although a few fans feel vehicles should be avoided in a new Fallout game.

For and against Fallout 4 vehicles – those that feel vehicles are a bad idea suggest alternatives to make travel faster like horse-like mounts and a sprint button, although we’ve seen types of vehicles before like a Highwayman engine in Fallout 2. This allowed you to travel much faster, so it wouldn’t be the first type this ability has appeared.

Other fans state that jets and tanks would be a really bad idea for Fallout 4, although they would welcome motorbikes, buggies and customization. The downside to these types of vehicles is maintenance and the possibility of them being destructible or even stolen.

Vehicle maintenance problems could open up the option of rebuilding vehicles in Fallout 4 by finding parts in a scrapyard.

Do you want to see vehicles in Fallout 4? We would like to point out there are a lot of negatives for Fallout 4 vehicles as well, which includes the possibility of people driving over enemies, theft, explosions, crashes, the need for developers to create a situation to make players get on foot again. These gamers like the idea of fast-travel and transport along the lines of mountain bikes.

The bottom-line: it would be good to see some sort of vehicles in Fallout 4 rather than having to walk long distances, although it might be an idea to make parts of the map for vehicles. Most gamers want Fallout 4 vehicles but nothing stupid like rockets or jets, and instead more suitable transport like a dune buggy.

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  • Lonely gamer looking for love

    At this point I’d settle for a girlfriend over vehicles in Fallout 4!

    • John

      Me too

  • TEA

    they had one vehicle in fallout 2 i dont see why they cant put at least one vehicle in the fallout 4.

  • p_mittendorff

    I wouldn’t mind winning some junked out motorcycle in a card game that you have to repair but don’t get to ride until half way through the game, only run out of gas because only one traveling merchant carries refined oil and he dies via deathclaw shortly after you make your first purchase and if you want more you have to max out your survival skill, science skill and repair skill in order to bottle methane from brahmin and build a fuel converter by which point the main quest should be just about completed.
    At the very least give me a big horner drawn carriage, I was really hoping for some cowboy vs indian type scenes from new vegas, I mean he was a courier in the wild west and no one ever attacked a carriage! One of many disappointments with NV

  • hates grey

    choose black type next time

  • Victor Caron

    yes vehicles would be cool…especially if the landmass is significantly larger than New Vegas…which I hope it is……they should have vehicles which need gas and repairs….like in the beginning there is only so many working vehicles that can be commandeered…but they can be destroyed, beyond repair…or destroyed but can be repaired …and there would also be other broke down vehicles that would need to be repaired with items and parts….and if you destroy all the vehicles by being careless then you’ll be out of luck and have to walk…no fast travel in the game….but bikes and horses (other mountable creatures?) would be cool too

  • spacylance

    If they add vehicles in fallout 4 you might as well call it borderlands… please people stop asking for vehicles.

    • TEA

      they had vehicles before fallout 3 so fallout has been out longer than borderlands. the series didnt start with fallout 3. read the article.

      • Spacylance

        I know they did and I know fallout 3 has been out longer then borderlands, just saying that the two games have their resemblance in ways and putting in vehicles in fallout 4 will sort of look like borderlands.

        Besides Fallout 1 & 2 where on pc and since it’s come to Xbox fallout has been a lot more popular… so there likely to go with the higher majority of fans on the Xbox.