Predicting Tesla Motors Q1 2013 earnings, stock could rally

We expect there are several analysts now predicting the outcome of next Wednesday’s Tesla Motors Q1 2013 earnings call. Although before then there will be a conference call, which takes place today at 10:30 AM Pacific Time, which is 1:30 PM Eastern Time and 6:30 PM GMT. Two hours after the call there will be a digital recording of Elon Musk’s Q&A session with members of the media.

For those of you who would like to listen to this then you need to follow the instructions here, but we have to warn you it will only be available for the next two weeks.

According to a source, Tesla Motors stock could rally to almost 400 percent, which would mean the company would need to trade at $200, which as you will know will be a tough task, as current Tesla Motors shares stands at just over $54, which is almost its all-time high.

However, this Tesla Motors shares forecast is not for 2013, but rather 5 years time. There is a concern that such forecasts could see people invest without doing their homework, and that these analysts do not take all the facts into consideration. Just bear in mind that Tesla’s shares may be heavily shorted.

Back to Wednesday’s Quarter 1 2013 earnings call – we expect that Tesla will announce their first profits, which is certainly an achievement, although it’s taken a long time. They had been expected to announce the results next Wednesday, but the news only just broke yesterday that the call would take place later today.

Can you see Tesla Motors shares increase to $200 per share by 2018?


  • Peter Chubb

    Thanks for the heads up, I managed to get the days wrongs.


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