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Motorola X phone potential evidence on AT&T visualized

With Google’s I/O event coming up towards the end of this month, speculation is starting to reach fever pitch on the likelihood of a new smartphone announcement, a device that has been built in partnership with Motorola and has been dubbed the ‘X’ phone. We now have some pictures to show you, which could give some new evidence that Motorola’s X phone is on the way to AT&T in the US.

The elusive Motorola X phone is easily one of the most anticipated smartphones of 2013, despite the fact that we are still yet to see any conclusive evidence that the device is real, or indeed hints from Google that they are planning to follow up on their Nexus 4 so early, which was released in partnership with LG.

Android 5.0 is thought to be the next major version of Android after Jelly Bean and could be the operating system that the X phone will launch with. As we await official news from Google and Motorola, feast your eyes on these leaked images courtesy of EVLeaks, featuring a mystery smartphone that has been enclosed in a ‘black box’ to conceal its design shape to the public and keep it a mystery.

While we have no idea of the shape of the device, we do see from the Android interface shots that this device is running on AT&T’s network. One piece of potential evidence linking the images to the X phone rumors though, could lie in this additional image, which appears to state ‘XFON AT&T’ on the back.

If it’s real, then it could be the latest images of the X phone in the wild. What other unannounced smartphone would Motorola deem necessary to protect in such a way with a black box casing around the edges? Given the timing of the images so close to I/O as well, tells us that things are probably going to get very soon indeed.

Take a look at the images over on Twitter and let us know if you have held off from a Galaxy S4 purchase, solely due to this mystery phone.



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