Metal Gear Solid Legacy Collection – Xbox 360 snub reasons

At the end of April, we told you that Konami and Kojima Productions were planning to unleash a Metal Gear Solid: Legacy Collection on PS3, comprising of the full set of MGS games in one package, including Metal Gear Solid 4. Xbox 360 was not mentioned as a platform which initially became a big talking point, but now Hideo Kojima himself has given the reasons why the new collection won’t be appearing on the Xbox 360.

It turns out that it wasn’t due to Sony exclusivity after all. It was thought that Sony may have had some deal in place to keep the Legacy Collection on PS3, considering that Solid Snake has basically made PlayStation his home throughout the last decade. However, this isn’t the case, with Kojima confirming that the reason is actually all due to storage space.

The legendary creator of the franchise has said that the only reason the Metal Gear Solid Legacy Collection isn’t on Xbox 360, is that Metal Gear Solid 4 is too big of a game to include on one Xbox 360 DVD disc. It has also been revealed that if the collection were to release on Xbox 360, it would require 7 DVDs, as opposed to a single Blu-Ray disc on PS3.

Kojima has said that he wanted to bring it to Xbox 360, but because of storage space limitation it won’t be happening at all. However, he also dropped a bit of an excitement bomb by saying that the collection could still come out on the next-generation Xbox, which will be unveiled on May 21.

So there we have it, what are your thoughts about it? It looks like the older games are no longer exclusive to Sony and if the Xbox 360 had Blu-Ray support, the Metal Gear Solid games would have been there from the start. Let us know if you’ll be picking up the Legacy Collection if it comes to the next Xbox.



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