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Google Glasses review cites battery life problems

Earlier this week, we told you about a very impressive looking Google Glasses video tutorial, which attempted to give you a better insight into how the basic functions of Google’s new wearable tech will work. Now though, we have one of the first Google Glasses reviews to tell you about, since the product is already in the hands of many developers who forked up $1500 for the privilege of owning an early Explorer Edition.

Unfortunately though, the first review has also brought with it, the first documented Google Glasses problems. More specifically, the review over at Engadget has reserved a portion of time to talk about the battery life issues that is currently present on the Explorer Edition.

The author in question, Tim Stevens has said that on a full charge and after normal usage consisting of email browsing, viewing photos and some videos, Google Glasses can only manage around five hours of battery life. After these five hours were up, Stevens added that his pair of Glasses then “unceremoniously shut itself down”.

Even worse, he has also said that with more strenuous use of the Glasses, ie recording more lengthy videos – Google Glasses will only be able to last a few hours. It goes without saying that two hours of heavy usage will not be what consumers will be expecting if they plan to fork out a near fortune to buy one at launch.

Then again, this is a developer edition let’s not forget. Google especially put the product out early to gain feedback like this, so there’s a good chance that Google will be improving on battery life before the final version is out. Read the full review through the link for some lovely pictures and let us know your initial reaction to the battery life problems.

Are you surprised and perhaps a little shocked that battery life is so poor? We would have thought that a good impression should have been made to developers, but we may be hearing a little more about weak Google Glasses battery life as the weeks go on.



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