2014 Toyota 4Runner review of refresh, changes are extreme

By Peter Chubb - May 3, 2013

For those who thought the older 4Runner was starting to show its age and unable to compete with some of the new boys on the block, then you will be pleased to learn that Toyota now has the 2014 4Runner, which we have to say, has gone through an amazing transformation. However, it’s not all about the exterior, as Toyota needs to have worked on other aspects of the vehicle as well.

The 2014 Toyota 4Runner changes does not seem to be what we had hoped, because while the look of the vehicle has received a massive overhaul, it seems Toyota as made the same mistake as many before them, and that is not improving the handling, poor ride, terrible turning circled and a horrible driving position.

2014 4runner review of refresh

Because the 2014 4Runner is a truck based SUV, it’s for this reason why this vehicle is being left behind, because it’s intended use is more for off-road, unlike rivals who are now producing SUVs more for standard road use, which seems to be what the public want. It’s for this reason why the 4Runner is now being left behind, which is a shame considering how long the model has been on the market for.

Below you will see a 2014 Toyota 4Runner review, which looks at this and many other aspects of this SUV. We can see that Toyota has done some nice work with the front fascia, oversized grille, aggressive angles and three different trim levels. It’s just a shame that beauty is only skin deep in this instance.

Don’t expect a decent MPG return, as it’s just 18 mpg overall, although you have to remember that this 270 horsepower 4.0 liter V6 engine is designed to be used more off-road than on it. The 2014 4Runner refresh price is yet to be confirmed, but we can tell you that this (one of the last true SUVs) will be available to purchase from September.

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  • Jj

    Would it have killed them to increase the engine performance 30 HP to 300HP/300 ft lbs of torque?! The truck is way underpowered as always, maybe turbo charge it, I don’t know, but why are other V6’s able to get more. Also, sure hope they have changed those bicycle tire narrow 20″ wheels on the Limited! The truck needs to look tough, stout, with wider wheels that fit the truck, it looks like such a wimp riding on thos motorcycle tires – embarrassing,.., in other words grow some balls Toyota!

  • rolgor

    This is stupid. Think about it. This is not a soccer mom pretend 4×4. There are tons of them available while this is one of the true off road capable vehicles left. If you want a car that looks like an suv then buy a ford or Chevy but don’t say it’s being left behind because it’s exactly what it’s meant to be. Oh, and when you buy that Ford see how much it depreciates in 3 years compared to a 4runner. There is a reason for that. Don’t buy a truck based 4×4 then complain that it doesn’t preform like a town car.