Samsung Galaxy Note 3 design ultimatum, flexible hints

By Alan Ng - May 2, 2013

With all of the buzz surrounding the Samsung Galaxy S4 at the moment, attention is inevitably going to switch to the highly anticipated Samsung Galaxy Note 3 very soon. We have heard very little rumors regarding the elusive phablet device, but now we have some interesting thoughts to share with you in relation to design of the device.

Design is arguably the biggest talking point of the device at the moment over hardware specs, mainly due to the fact that a lot of consumers were unhappy over the Galaxy Note 2 adopting almost an identical design as the Galaxy S3. Some design innovation would have been nice to see, separating the Galaxy S and the Note families away from each other further, rather than just the display screen differences.

With that in mind, many consumers are fearing that Samsung may go the same route and make the Galaxy Note 3 exactly the same as the Galaxy S4, just with a bigger display screen. While this wouldn’t be the end of the world, we’ve heard rumors that Samsung may be considering some changes for the Note 3 design at last.

SamMobile are claiming that Samsung currently has as many as three Galaxy Note 3 prototypes that are up for consideration for final release, according to their sources. The first is what we feared, a Galaxy Note 3 which mimics the design seen with the recently released Galaxy S4.

The second prototype however is thought to have a completely different design, while even more interesting, the final prototype could have a flexible display attached to it. We have seen Samsung officially tout their prowess in the market in relation to flexible technology, but has it perhaps come too early to see it on the Galaxy Note 3?

We would love it to happen, but considering there has been reported problems involving flexible display production – it may not happen. If these rumors are true though, it is very satisfying to hear that Samsung are thinking about changing the design of the Galaxy Note 3 to offer users something completely different compared to the Galaxy S4.

As we await more details, tell us what your dream Galaxy Note 3 design would involve. Would you like to see a sexy aluminum-based design, or even polycarbonate materials? Do you agree that copying the Galaxy S4 design would be a bad idea?

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  • appleWaybehind

    Only these blogger Apple Fanboys ever give a rats behind about the “design” or “build quality”, which is ironic considering they all put super ugly silicone blobs on their iPhones. Samsung owners I speak to have no complaints about design, build quality (which should simply be called case-material), or hand-feel. The Note 2 is still one of the best phones available, half a year later. I will be buying the Note 3, and plastic is fine by me, keeping the weight down is far far far more important to me, along with the replaceable battery and SD expansion, this creams the competition like the HTC One.

  • Spydasweb

    I couldn’t give a bugger about the design of the Note 2, it is a bloody magnificent phone and still wouldn’t change it with all the new phones on the market.