Microsoft Surface Pro 2: Predicting 2nd-generation features

By Peter Chubb - May 2, 2013

It’s been almost three months since Microsoft released the Surface Pro in Canada and the US, with other countries getting their hands on the device at the end of this month. However, as with all releases it doesn’t take long before there is talk of a 2nd-generation model.

However, before we get onto that subject, it’s worth remembering that Microsoft already has plans to release other Surface devices. We are not certain what these will be, but we do know there could be a 7-inch version of the Surface, which is needed if Microsoft has any hope of competing in such a competitive market.

While the current model is a decent device, it’s still far from perfect, but what isn’t? There is so much we expect to see with the Microsoft Surface Pro 2, with the first being wider availability at launch. It’s for this reason why sales have been slow, along with the fact that Microsoft has fallen for the same problems as their rival, and that’s unable to keep up with supply and demand. We also hope the next version will be released simultaneously in more than two countries.

It goes without saying that the Microsoft Surface Pro 2nd-generation should come with Intel’s Haswell processor, this would offer increased performance and improved battery life. Some users have complained that the battery life for the Pro is not acceptable, so Microsoft surely needs to address this?

One of the most requested features would be for LTE/4G, although this is something more associated with tablet devices, and we have to remember that the Surface Pro is more like an Ultrabook, although we’re sure consumer and business users would like the ability to use this fast cell service? Having said that, this will not stop people comparing the Surface Pro to the iPad and Android tablets.

Connections and onboard ports are limited, and so a docking station would be very welcome indeed, although Microsoft has already made hints that they could release a docking station for the current Surface Pro in the future. A thinner, lighter body is something being requested, but again, this is not a tablet, so we cannot expect it to be as thin.

When do you think Microsoft will release the Surface Pro 2, and what would your wish list be?

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  • mitchellvii

    MS will never release a Surface Pro II. MS is a software company and only sells hardware (like Amazon) to sell more software. MS does not have the economies of scale to make a profit on Surface Tablets.

    Surface Pro was intended to goose MS’s hardware partners into making better hardware. They have. It was intended to goose Windows 8 sales. It has. Mission accomplished.

    With impressive devices like the Dell XPS 11 and the Samsung ATIV Q coming along, what is MS’s motivation to sell another SP device only to lose money on each unit sold?

    THIS is why we haven’t heard a peep from MS about a Surface Pro II. They will continue to sell lower end, smaller tablets to drive content, but their days of making professional level hybrids is over.

  • Michael Lang

    I am very interested to see what the Surface Book is which is comming soon. But I would be happy to see the standard 10.8″ surface pro just get an update with the new haswell processor. I am holding out for haswell for sure. I have been fighting back the urge to just cave and run out and buy the current Surface Pro but for a poor person like me a $1k purchase means its gotta be something that is gonna get me through the next 5 to 7 years of my life. I did upgrade my old laptop to windows 8 and it boots in 17 seconds flat from power on which is amazing for a 7 year old laptop. I hear the 7 inch version will have the full version of Windows 8 and not RT which should be interesting to see from a business stand point if people can work well in office on such a small screen. With Windows Blue update and multi monitor support in the OS, I would gather that it could actually replace a PC at work with an external monitor and some cool little bluetooth keyboard and mouse dock.

    • Jason

      I totally agree. It is tempting to upgrade because of the cool new toy, but for me it would need to replace my laptop, not just give me one more thing to carry.

      I need more than 4GB ram (preferably 8) and I need the 256GB SSD. I understand most people don’t, but if I wanted a portable app device I would spend less on an android or apple. I will wait until they make a device that replaces my current laptop.

      None of the convertibles have the ram I need. I thought the Asus Taichi might work because of the larger SSD and i7, but again, the ram is capped at 4GB.

      And what’s up with all these new devices having the funtion lock permanently on? That’s fine if it was the default setting that could be changed. But, it isn’t.

      Overall I am excited about the direction, I just hope they don’t leave out the power users and also the people on the other end of the spectrum with money for a tablet that would buy RT if it were priced better, and came on a smaller screen. AND got more main stream apps.

  • Love you MS

  • I like my Surface RT, they just need to get the Apps rolling in a lot faster…I really wish they could threaten these fools to make ’em but that’s not friendly is it? I also don’t agree with any talks of abandonment, wouldn’t this just feed into everyone’s argument that they leave consumers high and dry with products? I really wish there was still a way for me to get a Zune-like device, but for me I suppose that will have to be the Surface. Hot Hardware with Slick Software. It is, I don’t care what you say… =|~)