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iOS 6.1.4 update live for iPhone 5, no battery fix

For those of you who were upset that iOS 6.1.3 did not go far enough to address some of the issues you have been having with your iPhone 5, they looked to the next update in order to rectify these issues. However, we have been waiting for a while now and still nothing, until today that is.

Imagine our excitement when we learned that iOS 6.1.4 update is live for the iPhone 5? However, that excitement soon faded, as all the update seems to offer is an updated speakerphone profile, whatever that means. The iOS 6.1.4 download size is just 11.5MB, although this still seems a little large just for a profile.

iOS 6.1.4 update live

Maybe the iOS 6.1.4 update rectified some other issues behind the scenes, but Apple has not felt the need to tell us? However, for those of you who had hoped to see iOS 6.1.4 resolve the iPhone 5 battery problem will also be disappointed.

We have seen in the past that new iOS updates will resolve issues, but create new ones as well, we wonder if today’s update will be the same? It’s still early days, but we should gauge a reaction shortly if this is the case with 6.1.4, although we have heard that the new speaker profile has created a flatter sound, but I didn’t notice any difference.



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