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HTC One Mini M4 discrepancies, release on AT&T hinted

If you are interested in picking up the HTC One smartphone, but are worried about the high costs involved, we may have some very interesting rumors to share with you. It appears that HTC are planning to immediately followup after their flagship release, with a HTC One Mini variant, which has previously been identified and discussed behind the scenes as the HTC M4.

Samsung appear to be leading the way, in showing other manufacturers how to successfully market and release a smaller version of their current generation flagship. We saw a Mini version of the Galaxy S3 become very popular with consumers, and HTC may now be looking for a piece of the pie with a miniature version of the hardware juggernaut One flagship.

An apparent ‘official’ render has been obtained by the guys over at PhoneArena, showing a device that almost looks identical to the HTC One. There are some key differences between the two though, largely the display reduction from 4.7-inches on the orignal One, to 4.3-inches on the new Mini version.

Elsewhere, you’ll also notice that the amount of speaker grills have been reduced in size as well to a more compact size to reflect the smaller display screen. Finally on the external front, the rear camera flash has been repositioned as well, with it now being located above the main camera sensor, rather than on the side as what we see with the standard HTC One.

In terms of specs, HTC may be cutting down from a quad-core processor, to a dual core processor instead which isn’t the best of news. The display is also rumored to be 720p quality, as opposed to 1080p on the One and a smaller capacity battery as well of 1700mAh, compared to the 2,300mAh battery packed inside the One – quite a significant change there you have to say.

The good news, is that camera quality (Ultrapixel), RAM (2GB) and storage (16GB) all appear to be untouched. Remember that this is still all rumors though until officially confirmed by HTC. An additional Tweet provided by EVLeaks also seems to suggest that AT&T will have some sort of exclusivity on the handset again – we’re awaiting more details on this.

So there we have it – are you interested in picking up a smaller version for a cheaper price? Going back to dual-core though may be a hard pill to swallow we feel.



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