GTA V absence of PC release date

By Alan Ng - May 2, 2013

While Rockstar recently wowed console owners with some brand new Grand Theft Auto 5 trailers, the developer is still continuing to remain absolutely silent on the prospect of a GTA V PC version being announced, or indeed released in the near future. The wait is starting to become very frustrating indeed, but we do have some potential information for you to digest, which gives an estimation on when the game could be announced and released on PC.

If you still haven’t seen the new character introductions for Michael, Franklin and Trevor, you can watch them back again here – they are pretty stunning to say the least. Rockstar has given each character a teaser trailer, complete with their own ‘theme’ music if you like, just like when they used the excellent Skeletons track by Stevie Wonder for the big GTA V trailer 2.

The game is available to pre-order everywhere for a launch date on September 17, but we have heard nothing so far to suggest that a PC version is coming. With that in mind, it almost looks a certainty that GTA V PC will not be announced until deep into 2014 and we could actually see a reality where GTA V on the PC does not release until September 2014.

An interesting analysis over at PCGamer attempts to study the release patterns of previous GTA games in the series, in relation to their announcement and releases between console and PC. The chart that they have provided suggests that at the very latest – GTA V will have a PC release date of July 4 2014, taking into account the previous release pattern for GTA San Andreas on PC which was a considerable wait compared to console.

They have also made a very important point to say that no GTA game after Vice City has been given a PC release date, before a console version has shipped – which means that if Rockstar are following the same pattern, we won’t get a PC release date until after September 17.

How angry are you over the PC silence? Are you mad at Rockstar for not saying anything, or can you wait as long as it takes, considering that the PC version of GTA V will almost certainly end up being the best version due to mod support?

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  • The sad thing is even if it is released for pc what are the chances your laptop or pc can actually run it? I don’t think mine will. Damn.

  • NYOB

    It’s funny because you’ll notice the minute you play a game maxed out on PC. Just like Infinite; textures and UI’s were inferior to the PC version.

  • Ben

    i’m so sick of people complaining about the lack of a pc version so far that i hope they never release one.

  • YRD

    i hope it never comes out on pc. EVER!.

  • It’s PC. Who gives a crap?

    • Bob McSanchez

      Everyone who plays on PC.

    • You’re a special kind of stupid aren’t you-_-

      • At least I’ll be playing this badass game.

    • Jeff

      I’ll wait for the PC version. Hopefully it will be a better port based off the next-gen console hardware to be released later this year. It’s doubtful that it will be pc-centric, but there is always hope.

    • John

      PC is capable of so much more. For example compare PS3 Elder Scrolls to PC. Notice how the graphics are 10000 times better? Also the game runs 10000 times better? And you can easy get addons and mods for it? same thing with GTA. Not to mention GTA started with PC. GTA was a PC game not a console game. So it should start with releases on PC and not console crap.

      • You’re right but there are no guarantees with PC that you will actually be able to run it at all and that’s not even considering if it runs but lags a lot. With console you know it’s going to work. I, myself play PC but it is still sadly true. Unless you can cough up a lot for a really fancy laptop which costs a lot more than a console.

        • God

          Actually there are my pc is worth more than your car.

        • Ask I said “unless you can cough up a lot of money for a really fancy laptop I wouldn’t spend more than a car and neither would many other people.