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Simplistic iOS 7 features with dramatic modifications

Having already discussed the simplistic iOS 7 features sometime back, it seems as though that rumor is gaining more credibility since we are hearing several people have already seen the new design, and the look is very flat.

The current look is rather realistic and has a sort of bubbly look, but Jony Ive wanted to get radical, we just hope the new iOS 7 design is what users want? I’m hoping Apple has done the right thing by letting Ive in on the new iOS, as we all know he loves his simplistic design, because I will hate it if it looks too flat.

I’m wondering if it will look as basic as Windows Vista when you turned the look to basic in order to make it run better, or even worse? However, if they are to introduce some dramatic modifications then it could be worth the trade-off.

Dramatic changes – From what Bloomberg has been saying then there could be some dramatic changes to the email and calendar, although we do expect more changes in other areas. While information is thin on what we can expect from these two apps, we do know that Ive is looking at these changes every step of the way, which is because he does not want a repeat of the fiasco that is Apple Maps.

Deeper software and hardware integration – If you thought previous versions of iOS worked in unison with the hardware in the past, then things will be ever better. This is because the team behind iOS 7 has been working much closer with the hardware department, maybe they will finally be able to get on top of this battery issue?

iOS 7 is said to have deeper in-car integration, because according to 9to5Mac Apple is working closely with certain car makers in the hope of bringing Apple Maps and Siri into cars. If this is true then these cars could show these Apple services on built-in car displays.

Do you welcome these changes, if true of course?



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