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PS Vita Soul Sacrifice digital buyers get extras

We have some great news for PS Vita owners now, especially those who are interested in buying Soul Sacrifice this week at launch, but have yet to do so. Keiji Inafune, creator of the game has revealed that those who buy the digital version of the game via the PSN, will receive a collection of bonuses that were only initially available to those that pre-ordered the game.

After almost an eternity of waiting between the Japanese and western releases, Soul Sacrifice is finally available to buy in America and Europe this week. The game has been hyped up for months as one of the PS Vita’s potential shining lights of 2013, while many positive reviews this week seem to justify this, with a followup a real possibility depending on how sales perform.

If you love RPG games especially, Soul Sacrifice is a no-brainer on the PS Vita. The game features a deep combat and unlock system, similar to that of Monster Hunter – which probably isn’t the first and last time that you have heard the two game titles in the same sentence.

For those that are still mulling on a purchase, Megaman creator Keiji Inafune has attempted to make your decision a lot easier, by offering up a selection of goodies for all digital buyers. For example, if you buy the game from the PS Vita store, you’ll receive two unique costumes that you can customize your player with.

On top of that, you’ll also receive three unique items to equip in game – these are the Spirits’ Flamepike, Spirits’ Blightstone and the Spirits’ Fulgurwood. For true JRPG purists, Inafune has also given the chance for players to play the game with Japanese voice-overs as one final goodie for those buying the digital version.

If you pre-ordered the game, you should have received all of the above already. We love that you have the choice between English and Japanese though, as it’s often a big request from many gamers who like to play through the game with the original voice cast as opposed to western conversions.

So there we have it, a great incentive for you if you plan to buy the game this week from the online store. If you have already bought Soul Sacrifice, let us know your initial impressions of the game. Money well spent or not?



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