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Google Glasses release hype intensifies with tutorial

If you are interested about Google’s upcoming Project Glass technology, but are actually not sure how the process will work, Google has attempted to make things a lot clearer this week. We think they have succeeded as well, releasing an excellent video tutorial showing some of the basic functions and virtual interfaces you’ll see in front of you if you manage to pick up a pair later in 2013.

At the moment, access is exclusively reserved for developers, with each one paying a handsome sum of $1500 for the pleasure of getting to grips with a pair of glasses before everyone else, glasses that can be modified with custom features as developers see fit.

We were initially impressed with the general concept of Google Glasses, but after watching this video, we have to say that we now can’t wait to get our hands on a pair. Some critics are saying that it is an expensive gimmick and that it will never work, but we can definitely see a future where many consumers will want to try these out.


Watch how Google demonstrates the use of the touchpad, which is located on the side of the glassess, supporting touch input from the length of the user’s temple, to the ear. The interface is activated on the press of a simple touch, while navigation is handled by swiping across the touchpad or swiping downwards depending on the interface menu that you see in front of you.

Speaking of which, Google also reveals that a clock widget will act as the main Glasses homescreen interface, while a series of information cards, such as stocks and weather form the timeline. Cards on the left hand side are new pieces of information that are either live or about to happen, while cards on the right are older pieces of information – like already opened messages or videos for example.

It looks fantastic and it all makes us wonder what the price is going to be for the innovative technology. You just know it isn’t going to be cheap on the market, but that still doesn’t decrease our interest for getting one. Watch the tutorial above for a clearer insight into Google Glasses and let us know if you are now seriously considering getting a pair for yourself.



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