Call of Duty Ghosts release date set in stone with visual

Activision still hasn’t officially announced Call of Duty Ghosts next as the next title in the franchise after Black Ops 2, but you can rest assured that it is definitely coming in November. Multiple pieces of new evidence has once again highlighted a release date for Call of Duty Ghosts, meaning that once again – a new Call of Duty game is going to go head to head with a new Battlefield game for your money.

While Battlefield 4 looks very impressive running on the brand new Frostbite 3 engine, there may be increased interest in the next Call of Duty game, as we’re finally going to see a new Call of Duty game that will run on a brand new game engine. When the game was initially leaked by Target and Tesco, we told you that the first potential release date for the game was November 5.

Now, posters and other pieces of promotional material are popping up everywhere it seems, all of which once again name drop the November 5 release date. Activision has shown in the past that they are not a fan of their products leaking before an official announcement, but it looks like they are now powerless to prevent the key information on Call of Duty Ghosts slipping out.

With the game now confirmed for a November 5 release date, we just need Activision to reveal the debut trailer for the game and confirm whether Infinity Ward is once again back on developing duties after taking a mini break after Modern Warfare 3. Many gamers were expecting Modern Warfare 4 to be the title of the next game, but we’re hearing that the two will still be heavily connected with each other, with Ghosts still adopting the Modern Warfare theme that we’ve seen down the line.

A full reveal is expected later on Wednesday, so hopefully we’ll have the trailer to show you very soon. Let us know if you are happy or sad that another Call of Duty is on the way after Black Ops 2. Do you still have love for the franchise, or is it beginning to get very boring for you?



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