BlackBerry 10 tablet release uncertainty following CEO admission

By Peter Chubb - Apr 30, 2013

BlackBerry Live is to take place next month, and during that event we could hear details on the BlackBerry 10 tablet, as well as the possibility of the PlayBook getting the new BB10 OS. However, we’re unsure what to make of this rumor after what the Canadian company’s CEO said recently.

There could be some BlackBerry 10 tablet release uncertainty following the admission made by BlackBerry CEO Thorsten Heins. He believes that tablets only have a maximum of a further five-year life span, and that they really do not need to invest in plans for a new tablet.

This could just be talk, although all we could see from BlackBerry by way of news on a tablet next month is BlackBerry 10 support for the PlayBook, which would be a shame, but hardly surprising. We have to wonder what Heins has been drinking, as he has also said he believes BlackBerry will be the leader when it comes to mobile computing.

This is a strange admission from the CEO, could you see the likes of Apple and those supporting Android devices to put money and effort into something that will only be around for another half a decade? We also find it hard to believe BlackBerry will finally be able to surpass iOS and Android devices considering how much of a stranglehold they both have on the market.

Having said that, there will be some of you who agree with him and would suggest that with smartphone screen sizes increasing, there might not be a need for a tablet, as the handset will be able to do what a tablet can do and more. Although, this would be foolish to think that, because we are not likely to see a 10-inch smartphone now are we?

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  • anon

    I think you’re missing the point. Imagine that you have a 7″,10″, or bigger display with a wireless connection to your smartphone where there’s already plenty of computing power and network connections. Why duplicate all that when you could simply just add an independent touch screen to your already existing smartphone?