Xbox 720 rumor with new always-on twist

By Alan Ng - Apr 29, 2013

If you have been reading constant Xbox 720 rumors over the last few weeks, you’ll know that the primary topic that a lot of gamers have been discussing is the infamous ‘always-on’ rumor, which could see Microsoft announce their next-generation Xbox console to the world with an mandatory internet connection requirement, even for offline game playing.

We’re also guessing that a lot of you are sick to death of hearing about the always-on rumors for the console, mostly due to the fact that we still don’t know whether it has been officially confirmed as happening or not. Recently, it was suggested that the console wouldn’t have always-on, but a new rumor published by Polygon contradicts this, but with an interesting new twist that hasn’t been highlighted yet.

If their report and their close sources are correct, Microsoft’s Xbox ‘720’ console will come with an always-on requirement, but it will be up to individual publishers to decide whether or not to actually enforce it with their games. We hear how the next console will either have the ability to perform an authentication check across all-games the first time and then allow offline play, or that the system can also into a constant always-on mode that needs a connection to play.

This decision will apparently be made by publishers on a game-by-game basis and it could be the move which provides a positive outcome over the much criticized feature – if indeed true that is. It means that some studios will want that extra protection, whilst others will deem it not necessary.

Microsoft has already commented on the rumors by saying that they have nothing to share other than at their upcoming May 21 Xbox reveal. Read the full story through the link and let us know your thoughts on this new potential outcome.

Does it now change your mind about getting the next Xbox, if publishers can decide themselves about the always-on requirement?

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  • Elliott

    I’m not really interested in the new Xbox, they have a track record of ripping everyone off and they don’t have many decent exclusives. I’m buying a PS4 and I’d rather have Uncharted, The Last of Us, guarenteed Metal Gear, Infamous, God of War etc over Halo any day of the week. Game developers are backing the PS4 and say how bad working with Microsoft is and I wouldn’t give them my money.

    • The PS4 is doing the exact same DRM thing as Microsoft, only for the Xbox it hasn’t been confirmed yet. It has been confirmed for the PS4. Double standards much?

      So does sony.

      “This has been a problem all along, although I’m just shocked that an
      independent developer has finally gone public about it. While Sony
      fanboys may huddle in forum boards and post on comment sections about
      how they could do without games like Syberia 3, Section 8, BattleStations: Pacific
      and a host of other third-party games, the reality is that the industry
      sort of needs these titles to span the likes of the multi-platform
      spectrum. This rings especially true for an independent developer trying
      to capitalize on returns from their developmental investment.

      I’m not really sure why Sony has made it so difficult for independent
      developers and publishers to get smaller, non-PSN titles published for
      the PS3 – when it’s not a direct inflection for the prowess of the
      PlayStation 3’s capabilities – but it’s starting to create a huge gap in
      the software availability between the three big consoles.

      And they are only saying it because it’s

      A) True
      B) Because everyone else is saying it.

      That being said, exclusives are a terrible idea anyways unless you are Nintendo (Which generally makes those games themselves) because you are restricting your market. And again, that being said I can totally understand buying the PS4 for games that you think will come out on it or the expectation that it will have good ones.